RDS analysis: (Part Seven ) Does the state want the "small door" to pass the Law on persons without regulated civil status ?

The problem with the so-called "phantoms" in the state does not seem to end the end. In fact, the impression is that the state makes some laws "on its own hand" to present itself before all and in the holy that - we have brought a law to solve this problem!

But reality is another. Now the move should be the Roma NGO sector from the aspect of legal processing of one made on its own Law of persons without regulated civil status. Although a project was carried out quickly, including a large number of Roma NGOs who conducted field analysis of Roma-Fantomes to overcome this complex process and themselves to be an official part of this society.

What is symptomatic is that 2-3 weeks ago a formal working group composed of lawyers from several state institutions and ministries made a working version of this law, and is for consideration that is likely to be adopted. It is even more illogical that in this working group in drafting this law neither consulted nor taken into consideration the recommendations from the implemented proposals and measures by several Roma NGOs during the realized project precisely for persons without documents.

In order not to be late, here is a recommendation and guidance from the RDS precisely this working version of this law to be reviewed, reviewed and commented with the target of the people who are more familiar with this issue, and at the same time it is appealing to take good examples in our neighborhood (Serbia), and in that way one law will be adopted that will be beneficial to eliminate and solve this really

Therefore once again, one appeal from the RDS to all Roma political parties, the Roma NGO sector and all others to review this draft of this law, and to jointly raise the voice and bring a common position,

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RDS analysis (Part Six): Why Samka thinks SDSM "appreciates" the most, so he should give him to lead another ministry - SOCIAL?

After the announcement by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev of this famous "Broom", a front for possible cleansing in some of the ministries in the Government of the RSM was immediately opened. The incumbent PCCA MP Samka Ibraimovski reacts among the first of the Roma political bloc as a wish that the "Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs" is "picturing".

That information immediately came out in public after the second round of the Presidential elections. According to Ibraimovsky, the capacities of PCER were "most punctual" to take over this portfolio and lead it from the ranks of PCER, or, to be sure, the actual MP Ibraimovski himself.

Did Ibraimovski "overestimate" at that moment and thought that SDSM "can not breathe" without PCER and that SDSM will immediately heed it and assign such a portfolio to the Samka. Does he think that he is the only one of the Roma political bloc who is most deserving to lead another portfolio beside the one now under his cap.
Where are the other coalition partners from the Roma bloc? Are they incompetent for such an undertaking and running a ministry in the given case -Social?

The second important point is that immediately after the announcement by Ibraimovski of requesting the Ministry of Social Affairs, we are asking if SDSM sent "an alarm" that it is not necessary at this moment to "tingle" their staff - Mila Carova and that they do not is Ibraimovski in charge of assessing which ministry is doing good or bad. Maybe he was warned by the government that the already assigned Ministry without a Resor under his cap fulfilled his given goals and tasks for which he is in charge. What are the results? Does he consider success only organizing events April 8, August 2 or November 5. Where are the results of the field of education, housing, health, culture, etc.? And is it just important to travel somewhere under the cover of the government, without any visible results. Did he think that perhaps the government wants to "shake" the assigned ministry without portfolio?

And immediately Ibraimovski on his FB account announced a status with "sobering"
It's already noticeable that Ibraimovski "drops the ball" and without euphoria, he exits in some way that he apologizes to Tsarovska and it is noticeable that he "swallows the words" himself, which were already thrown out!

Whether he was aware of himself, or someone else reminded him not to "jump" much, will show time.

It is necessary to know that "overestimation" is a very negative trend, and it is necessary at times to be a person, real, as well as aware of the current state of affairs!

The political leaders are begging to tie the security belts and without high flying because turbulence appears suddenly and can take you in an unwanted direction! Then the price is expensive!

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RDS analysis: (Part Five) Is it Time for "Broom" and in the worn and outraged Roma political staff?

Every beginning has an end! It is a commonly known phrase, for things when going down the line. When it comes to the issue, the Romani political establishment is evident that in the past three decades after the establishment of the first Roma party PCER led by the first Roma MP in the Macedonian assembly Mr. Faik Abdi, who is no longer among the living from that party to the day - today several names have appeared, imposing themselves as Roma political representatives who continue to function in their established political nests until today.

Among them are Amdi Bajram, Nezdet Mustafa, Shaban Saliu, Samka Ibraimovski, Bajram Berat, etc. They have in the past had that "privilege" as coalition partners to enter political shopping with the two major Macedonian parties SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE.

And always "bargaining" was interesting only in their own name, in order to position themselves in a higher place on the ballot lists and similar minor benefits. That time already leaves. That's why the timing of the question is: "Is it time for" Broom "and in the worn and outraged Roma political staff?" Why? Because you see the results of the starting set! It's time for a fresh political infusion. New modern and avant-garde ideas and strategies are needed.

This capacity also exists among the older set of experienced people without political sting and with great political experience. People who have built their own capacity in international institutions, as well as in some young people who "bite" about such activities.

All are needed are people who know how to work, and at the same time they are at a price among the Roma. Without causing that "alone / and we can do everything" it will work best with a fusion of experience and youth. It is the only formula for chances for success and a new wave of the Macedonian Roma political scene.
One message to those young people with a "great appetite" for political functions, which the old say: "Do not eat everything that flies"

The Vanities must not work. For the benefit of the Roma, we need to leave the vanities in a heap. Just sincerely, openly and directly in the eye to look! The quality itself will float to the surface. It's one thing to sit in an office and "sweeten" your mind, and another is in everyday activity that in the field that in the practical work you can mature and know the facts and needs. The best way is to work for what you've been studying and for which you have a degree. Tests or rehearsals do not pass. Otherwise it will be as it was before with the headset that awaits the "broom".

Let's not be like that one after that: I got a quote and I accepted a role to play in a porn movie! In the end, my role in the porn movie turned out to be the man of the main porn star who goes on a business trip, and she remains alone at home! The end is known!

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RDS analysis: (Part Four) Presidential elections 2019 - Roma leaders for Roma voting with strong URA, and the effect of "silent storm"!

The presidential election finished the winner is Stevo Pendarovski! But let's make an overview of a different aspect of Romani votes, for example, in the largest and only Roma municipality in the country - Sh.Orizari.
There after the first round on April 21, the results were disappointing in terms of exit, where out of 23,765 voters turnout was 21.8% - 5181 votes out of which 2369 for S.Pendarovski, 45.7% Silyanovska 1774 or 34.2%, B.Reka 835 or 16.1%.
The fact is that all of the more important Roma factors in Shutka during the pre-election campaigns were many "strong" on social networks, but on the day of voting the effect was very different!
From that aspect, and perceiving the figures, as if the alarm for an uproar between the parties was included, and already after the first round, it was obvious that the second round was "corrected" to show their mentors from SDSM and VMRO DPMNE.

And in the second round they started out loud with calls and motivation hoping for their credibility. Also, besides the SRM, PCER, OPER, the mayor of the SDSM, as well as the other party such as ROM, the JRC, including here for motivation for exit from both Avaya and other Roma NGOs, it was thought that in the second round it will be twice as big.
So literally started with a strong URA, but the effect was not on the required level! unlike the first round this time the turnout was slightly higher, for about 1,700 voters more or in numbers of 23,765, voting 6899 or exit 29%.
The difference in votes was in favor of Pendarovski for 1,583 votes!
Or in translation "It was trembling the mountain was born a mouse".
The point is as follows: Roma vocal leaders, Romani analysts (Avaia), motivational loud, but the effect was - 7% greater exit than the first round!
Let's ask if with this result there is a place for presenting about the power and credibility of these factors to act on the Roma populations?
It must be one thing to motivate the Roma people, it is necessary to see the positive effect and the deeds first, because they are already "alive mother" not to believe! Loud motivational speeches and phrases like "will be", "we will do", "we will achieve" and similar have no effect! It is necessary for the people to be open, honest and straightforward in all 365 days of the year, and not just in 20 days during campaigns, and after: "Sorry and who was you?"

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 The position of the text is a personal position of the RDS and is outside the editorial policy of the Roma Times Web Portal

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