"North" will enter the personal documents: Every citizen will cost 60 euros

 The issuance of new personal documents with the new name is expected to begin by the end of the year, and the citizens will pay for the replacement themselves. Replacements will go gradually.

- Basic documents: identity card, passport and driver's license, if the same prices remain, each citizen will cost about 40 euros.

If this is added to the changes in the registration plates, then the costs will increase by about 20 euros. Total costs will amount to about 60 euros.

The most affected will be those citizens who will change the documents in this period until they get new ones with the new name, because the documents will have a half-life, so instead of once in ten years, they will have to change their documents twice.

The change of documents, already announced by the Government, will be on the back of the citizens. According to the current price list, most citizens will have to separate for passports that cost 25 euros denars plus an administrative fee of 5 euros for people over 27 years old, or 2 to 3 euros for those under this age limit.

The price for ID cards, however, is 3 euros. The driver costs 4.5 euros, and for her there is an administrative fee in the amount of 3 euros that is paid due to the past validity.

The replacement of the registration plates for those citizens who have a vehicle is also attached to these basic expenses. The tables have so far cost about 20 euros. On the new tables, which should start to be issued within four months, the old traffic code "MK" will be replaced by "NMK" (North Macedonia).

Zaev: Every citizen of the census will be able to tell his ethnicity

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev confirmed that the census to be conducted next year will have a column for ethnic belonging to citizens, although it has previously been announced that this will not be the case, but that they will be able to declare only which language is their native language.

- We have agreed that there will be a column for ethnicity because it is very important for the fewer communities. For example, the Roma community very little or less frequently uses its native Romani language, and if only the language is in the part of the column then it can not bring the true number of that community, Zaev said before the launch of the Operational Plan for Employment for 2019.

From these aspects, the Prime Minister emphasized, as a solidarity of the members of the larger ethnic communities, we made a decision and built a common position to encourage both EUROSTAT and the SSO to have a column on ethnicity.

The census will have a count for ethnicity

Citizens should also declare their ethnicity on the census to be conducted next year, media reported, concluding that Zoran Zaev and Ali Ahmeti had agreed on the issue.
According to media reports, the law is in the final stage, and according to the plan, it is expected to pass on the government this week.
It is envisaged that the new repainting of the population will cost the citizens 8.5 million euros.
Otherwise, with the previous announcements by the Doctor of the SZSRM, Simovski that there may be no count - ethnicity, the smaller communities in the country have opposed and announced a boycott of the same census.
The last successful census was in 2002, and in 2011 a series of political controversies and allegations were interrupted several days before the end. 

Church of England urged to make land available to Roma People

Synod to vote to protect Roma and Travellers from ‘institutional racism’
The Church of England is being urged to make land available for Roma and travelling communities who face institutional racism and ostracisation.

It may also appoint chaplains to provide pastoral care to Roma and Travellers, and to encourage them to become part of the church.

The governing body of the C of E, the synod will vote on a motion this weekend calling on bishops and other senior church figures to “speak out publicly against racism and hate crime directed against Roma, Irish Travellers, and urge the media to stop denigrating and victimising these communities”.

Local and national church bodies must “play their part in lobbying for and enabling  land to be made available” for sites for Roma and Travellers, says the motion proposed by Stephen Cottrell, bishop of Chelmsford.

In an unusual move, people from travelling communities will address synod directly at the start of the debate.

Link: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/feb/22/church-of-england-urged-to-make-land-available-to-gypsies?CMP=share_btn_tw

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