At the bus stop in Belgrade - Forbidden for luggage handler or Roma?

Once the platform for arriving at the Belgrade bus station has been moved, there are no luggage carriers there. These people were duly registered and all were - Roma.
They say that they are Roma and their work is not allowed. The station denies these claims.

"There is no written order prohibiting them from accessing the platforms, but they are being pressured through the security service and the police," Roma say.

All luggage carriers at the Belgrade bus stop are Roma. There is no contract between them and the station for the job, but as carriers say, they have an oral contract to pay for access to the platforms with a monthly ticket of around 12 euros. But since moving the platform two months ago, they are no longer allowed to buy such tickets.

Carriers point out that at the request of the police several years ago they were all registered as entrepreneurs in the Commercial Registration Agency.

Otherwise, the Belgrade bus station says it is not a matter of discrimination, and that the issue of carrying a rack will soon be resolved.

Link: https://www.dw.com/sr/zabranjeno-za-nosa%C4%8De-prtljaga-ili-za-cigane/a-49737230


President of Slovakia: Hate for minorities has again become a political instrument

Slovak President Zuzana Chaputova noted that the suffering of Roma during World War II must not be forgotten, but remembered because now is the time when hatred is a political tool.

- The Holocaust against Roma must not be forgotten. The story of the people has shown me that hatred always contributes to evil and human suffering - note Chaputova.

In Slovakia there were thousands of victims, the President of the Republic noted on the occasion of the Day of Remembrance of the Roma Holocaust which was celebrated in the beginning of August.

Humiliated and offended by the environment and with endangered rights and dignity, LGBTI Roma face hell every day

“We had no right to drink coffee in a cafe because we are Roma and gay. They didn't allow us to sit down. "
This is just one of many examples cited by LGBTI Roma when it comes to their rights, their attitudes towards the environment, but also their attitudes towards institutions, and of society as a whole, to their sexual orientation.
"They told us that there was no room for gypsy gays and that we should go to the gas chamber," they said.

- LGBTI people in the Roma community face prejudice in the Roma community because of their sexual orientation and gender identity, and in the LGBTI community they will face prejudice because of the Roma ethnicity.
They Are Afraid of Claiming Their Rights Therefore, many LGBTI Roma in Macedonia are expelled or make plans to leave the country.

Link: https://www.fakulteti.mk/news/09082019/lgbti-romite-se-zhrtvi-na-intersekciska-diskriminacija-ovie-gragjani-se-istovremeno-zhrtvi-na-rasizam-homofobija-i-transfobija


How far is the DUP for Topaana, and will those people stay or be dislocated?

As part of the implementation of the European Union funded project "Mapping the Differences in Roma Housing", which is a sub-grant of the project "Support to Legalization of Roma Housing", additional informal information has emerged in informal communication with citizens as well. Topaana, as well as some of the state institutions, is that the current position of the township - Topaana is a "crab wound" in the preparation of the Detailed Urban Plan - DUP.
Knowing the infrastructural situation in Topaana, some of the competent institutions in the country are also prepared on a so-called "Topaana". a lighter variant called Dislocation of this area outside the current framework.

It goes without saying that there is an option to tear down some of those houses that are now gravitating to that area, and to find another "alternative solution for the citizens of Topaana.

Due to the complexity of this problem, an analysis of the whole situation, as well as the development of a plan that may correspond to the above, or the variation of the adopted DUP within the existing infrastructure, will be underway. The state is on the move!

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