PM Tsipras Meets with Greek Roma, Says There Are No Second Class Citizens

The effort to raise citizens’ awareness on issues relating to Greece’s Roma communities should be constant, stated Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras during his meeting on Monday with representatives of Greek Roma at the Maximos Mansion, on the occasion of International Romani Day.
Tsipras expressed his pleasure at the meeting, noting that there are no second class citizens and adding that, in Greece, significant steps have been taken by the current government to support Roma citizens in a period of fiscal difficulty.
“We proceeded with a substantial programme to mobilise communities and for their integration into economic life,” said Tsipras, adding that the government had drawn up maps to see “how the 371 communities, the 110,000 Greek Roma citizens, are living”.
He noted however that some of those 371 communities “do no credit to the country… which wants to defend human rights and that’s why we have launched a strategic plan on the axis that ‘no Roma without help in the crisis’.”
Tsipras clarified that a prerequisite for the social integration of Roma communities is that their children go to school as “education is basic right but also a condition for these communities to acquire rights in the future”.
In parallel, the prime minister referred to the support of schools and provision of school meals to ensure all children are properly fed, as well as adult education programmes and programmes to support employment and fight joblessness implemented in recent years by the government. A top issue was also the access of Roma communities to healthcare, including the impact of a government decision to remove barriers to public health for a large part of the Roma community that is uninsured.
“There are no first, second or third class citizens. We are all children of the same God,” Tsipras said.

Link: https://www.thenationalherald.com/238657/pm-tsipras-meets-with-greek-roma-says-there-a

Ten thousand Roma with specific requests to presidential candidates

The Citizens' Initiative "AVAJA" promoted the campaign "We Vote, We Decide".

The initiative is composed of young Roma activists and intellectuals who through the campaign want to articulate and promote the interests of Roma citizens in front of all stakeholders in the Republic of Northern Macedonia.

The campaign aims to mobilize 10,000 Roma citizens in 14 municipalities to unite the Roma voice to advocate common interests of the community, as well as encourage Roma voters to participate in the upcoming presidential election and exercise their right to vote, which will contribute towards raising the political culture of the Roma community and the democratic processes in the Republic of Northern Macedonia.

A new political party on the Macedonian scene, President Aksel Ahmedovski, was formed

A founding assembly of the Party for Democratic Prosperity of the Roma (PDRP) was held in Vinica, which will act mainly among the Roma population in the eastern region of the country.

Aksel Ahmedovski, a law graduate from Delchevo, was elected chairman of the party, who until recently was a minister without portfolio in charge of the implementation of the Strategy for Roma. Five members of the larger cities in the region entered the party leadership.

- Finally, after many decades, the Roma from the East self-organized and agreed to form their own party, which will work to protect their interests and rights. Our commitment is to act independently of other parties, with the possibility of a later coalition co-operation with one of the major party structures. For us, we have a solid electoral body of over tens of thousands of citizens who gave us support for the establishment, and we already have a member of the municipal council in Vinica - said Ahmedovski.

At the founding assembly of the DPRD, it was decided that the seat of the party should be in Delchevo, while party affiliates will be formed in all municipalities from the three constituencies in the eastern region.

For the upcoming presidential elections, the candidate will be given support, and in the next period, the main task for the party leadership will be field work to present the action program.

Grüne: More support for Roma clubs

On the International Roma Day, the Greens demand more financial support for Roma associations in Burgenland - especially with regard to the 2021 anniversary year.
The Roma and Sinti have been a recognized Austrian ethnic group since 1993.

The Roma associations in Burgenland have done important work to preserve the language, to reduce prejudices and to combat racism, said the Green Party member of the Greens, Wolfgang Spitzmüller.

The deputy complained that the situation of the Roma and Sinti in Europe is deteriorating again with the rise of right-wing parties and movements. He referred to the example of Italy, where just last week an emergency housing for Roma was attacked by racists and right-wing extremists and Interior Minister Salvini was open to the expulsion of the Roma.

Strommer: fight discrimination
"In times when right-wing parties are also in government in Austria, exclusion, racism and hatred must be clearly opposed. Movements like the identities have no place in Austria and the EU, "said Spitzmüller.

Also the second president of the state parliament Rudolf Strommer (ÖVP) comments on the International Day of the Roma. One must continue to fight a discrimination against Roma. Still existing injustices are unworthy of a liberal, western democracy, so Strommer.

Link: https://burgenland.orf.at/news/stories/2974755/

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