Who can become a German citizen?

The German Bundestag reformed the law on citizenship. Allegedly to offer modern responses to new challenges. In reality, the reform reflects a deep indifference crisis in the country.

The debate about citizenship is again flared up. The last occasion in the Bundestag is the adopted amendments, which are undoubtedly needed in order to comply with the current spirit of the times and which supporters are trying to present as understandable by themselves.

Indeed, it is rarely anyone to question that people who have given incorrect or incomplete data during naturalization can rightly be deprived of their German citizenship, it remains a question of whether they are up to five or ten years later.

It is more problematic that in the future German citizenship can be taken away from people who are born Germans. But since this applies only to those who fought abroad on the side of terrorist militia abroad, and only then if they have other citizenship, it would be acceptable for the majority of the citizens in the country.

Roma are the largest and most discriminated minority

Serbia is negotiating a new 21m-euro IPA IPA program that will be used mainly for housing, said at the conference "The Decade of Roma Inclusion"

Roma are now the largest ethnic minority in Europe, and it is estimated that between 10 and 12 million euros are on the continent.

Therefore, the process of their social inclusion should not be left solely to individual countries, but it must be the work of the European Union as a whole, said the Regional Conference on the Results of the Decade of Roma Inclusion Dalibor Nakic, President of the National Council of the national minority in Serbia.

At the meeting in the "Serbia" palace entitled "heritage, experience, best examples, and what is next?", Some of the topics discussed were in the fight against discrimination, the social inclusion of Roma, the position of the Roma woman in society and family, education and employment, housing, health and a healthy family environment ...

There were more than 120 representatives of institutions and organizations, as well as domestic and international


How the Roma from Macedonia work: "For Roma only human" crumbs "

VMRO dropped, SDSM takes power! From 2017 onward, SDSM and DUI are leading "the main word in the country. On all sides "shuffle" slogans "Equal society for all"
And see a miracle, really - Equal society for all! For everyone who is SDSM and DUI! But by their profile!

Pre-election promises were given with "full mouth," and now the chewed promised words (places) have settled down in those "hungry" for power, and "other" valet will wait ever and nowhere!

And we are aware that participation in the ethnic key is not always a guarantee for realizing the needs of the community. It is desirable that there be a Roma in the executive power in an important position, especially if the appointed official works really on problems that concern the Roma community.

Aware of this and the community itself that this is not the most important thing! If it does not work, what's important is it Roma? There was a small million and such cases!

And what would a friend of mine say - a Roma reporter in his column: "The current Roma representatives in the past period were busy clearing up personal or party problems. And while Roma people have been "amused" on social networks, let's not say that they have been seated, during Facebook's postponements, the deadline for negotiating the appointment of deputy ministers has already passed! "

And my friend was right! And now what are we doing?

Zbogar: Roma who sneak into the streets entered the EC report

We have to trample our sleeves, keep working together and see how we can best use what we have at our disposal right now, and we have a dedicated government, we have new energy among the young Roma leaders in the country and we have EU assistance.

This triangle is a good start. Let's make a difference, to improve the situation, said Evorambador Samuel Zbogar.

- The real work for the inclusion of Roma is not yet over, but it is ahead of us. The cycle of poverty, discrimination and exclusion of Roma still exists - said Zbogar.

He pointed out some of the existing problems that have also been noted in the latest EC annual report on the state.

These are Roma who are roaming in the streets, Roma children who are not at school, Roma living in inhumane conditions, illegally inhabited places, without identity cards, searched after the waste. There are still juvenile marriages and other forms of discrimination.

Zbogar informs that at the moment they finalize the selection of students and students who will receive scholarships for primary education, prepare and grant a program for better infrastructure in Roma settlements.

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