Romani people in Syria

The Domari-speaking (or rather, historically speaking) community in Syria, commonly identified as Dom and Nawar (and simply "gypsies" in English), is estimated to number 100–250,000 or 250–300,000 people. 


The vast majority is sedentary. There are semi-nomadic groups, some moving outside the country. In Aleppo, the Dom community is probably the largest, while they are reported to live in Damascus, Homs and Latakeh as well. 


The community is highly marginalised in society, and they are referred to as Qurbāṭ (ʾərbāṭ in Aleppo) and Qarač in the northern part, and Nawar (widely used in the Levant) elsewhere. 


These terms are used for various groups that mainly share socio-economic profile. The community is divided into clans.


The Domari are believed to have migrated from India via Persia. They seem to have been an Indian nomadic caste specializing in metalwork and entertainment. The language is Indo-Aryan, closely related to Central Indian and Northwest Indian


The Dom language (Domari) in the Middle East is known as Nawari. Domari shows Turkic, Kurdish and Arabic influence. There has been a language shift into Arabic.


The exonym "Nawar" could be used sometimes offensively, denoting a contemptible and immoral lifestyle associating them with beggars, itinerants, and thieves.

Soros awards billions of dollars for a network of universities, and funds for Roma students

Hungarian-American investor and philanthropist George Soros plans to donate billions of dollars to universities to bolster democracy and educate marginalized communities.


Soros has pledged it on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, wishing to use the funds linked to the existing network of universities around the world, and responding to global warming, political trends and protest activities.


"Last year, the most powerful forces, the United States, China and Russia, remained in the hands of potential and current doctors, and the number of authoritarian governments is growing," said the 89-year-old billionaire.


The funds will also be used for students from marginalized communities, including the large European Roma community, Soros said.

Former President of the German Football Association (DFB) Felix Lineman sends hundreds of people to Auschwitz

The Football Association of Germany (DFB) has said former President Felix Lineman is directly responsible for sending hundreds of people to the Auschwitz death camp where they were killed.


The alliance stated Linneman, who served as president from 1925 to 1945. he was directly involved in the registration of the Roma as head of the Hanover Criminal Police Control Center, which was a preliminary phase of their deportation to Auschwitz.


Monday marks 75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz, and the German Football Association is promoting and supporting the Holocaust Remembrance Day.


"This year marks the suffering of more than 20,000 Roma killed in Auschwitz and we feel special responsibility towards that population," said DFB President Fritz Keller.


Link: http://www.zurnal.rs/fudbal/velika-petorka/92014/bivsi-predsednik-fs-nemacke-poslao-nekoliko-stotina-ljudi-u-ausvic?lang=lat

So far, 50 countries have reported the most interest in the IRU Congress in Skopje in March 2020

Following the decision made by the IRU Membership and Cabinet 3 months ago, that the 11th IRU Congress will be held in Skopje in March 2020.

In addition to regular activities, such as the Election of a new Presidency and the Parliament of the IRU, the submission of applications for membership of the IRU and the admission of new delegates were ongoing.

This increases the number of members of the IRU Parliament as well as the dignity of the organization itself, which for the first time also will be voted on by the future leadership of the IRU either electronically or better known as the Democratic Transition.

According to the interest shown by the Roma activists, intellectuals, students and others themselves, there is a great deal of interest, with the large number of applications for their membership in the IRU, which will be decided at the IRU Congress in March 2020.

It should be noted that more than 50 states around the world are expected to participate in the Congress itself, which has so far reported their participation. It is also planned to host other prominent invited guests where it is expected that this number will be over 150 participants and guests at this large 11th IRU Congress.

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