Ilmi Kurtishi: Young Roma artists don’t have funds for education

These days, in the Culture Center in Debar, an independent exhibition was held by the young artist Armond Sulajmani, which, as announced in the informing and besides of his great talent in the art sphere, he has no opportunities to continue his education.

The president of the Roma NGO in Debar “Mesecina” Ilmi Kurtishi, at the opening of the exhibition of Sulajmani, pointed out that the Roma in Debar do have many talents, but, unfortunately, their standard to continue education on a high level institution in our country.

“That is why I call all of the competent institutions to help and to pay scholarships for talents such as the 29 year old painter Sulejmani, because he is a great talent” said Kurtishi and added that the talented Roma, due to their current situation in society, are not able to make it.

The young painter Sulajmani, who said that he’s working as a house painter just so that he could survive, after finishing high school with good grades, was not able to enroll into art academy, however, he said that “it is not too late to enroll if someone gives me a hand, in order to fulfill my life goal and that is to become an academic artist”.

During the opening, the director of the Culture Center, Zince Mimidinoski pointed out that within this year’s program of the cultural institution, will have a special attention to the talents from the Roma ethnic community. The director added that the young artist Sulajmani had an exhibition of 20 oil paintings.

The gynecological practice Dr. Boskovski in Suto Orizari started working

The initiative of women from Suto Orizari informed that the gynecological practice of Dr. Boskovski in the ambulance in Suto Orizari has started working.

The working hours of the Gynecological Practice are from Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 15:00, and on Wednesday from 12:00 to 20:00.

The office works with a previously scheduled examination. Examinations are scheduled at the counter or on the phone number: 02 2658 688

At the same time, the Women's Initiative from Suto Orizari noted that if you need additional information about gynecological examinations, you can ask their paramedics who are in the field every day or come to the premises of the Youth Center "I want to know" located in the clinic in Suto Orizari, or you can call the phone number: 02 2651 955

SP BTR announces a competition for the Children's Festival "Chavorikano suno" - “Children's dream”

SP BTR production for the needs in the realization of the Children's Music Festival "Chavorikano suno" - “Children's dream” announces an open competition in the realization of the festival itself.

For the needs of the Festival, the competition is created for:

Studio - Production for recording songs

Lyricists, arrangers and music authors

The regulations themselves were made by the organizer of the festival SP BTR, where it is emphasized that the songs must not be longer than 3 minutes.

At the same time, in the schools of the municipality of Suto Orizari, the teachers select children - performers of the songs and form a children's choir.

Otherwise, the competition lasts 7 (seven) days as of May 6, 2021.

BIH: A meeting has been announced on the occasion of resolving the status of a Roma settlement in the municipality of Ilidza

At the 70th session of the Council of National Minorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the information of the Council of Europe Office in BiH on the funds allocated for grants to associations of national minorities during 2020 was taken into account.

It was also reported that the House of Peoples of the BiH Parliament has adopted the Report on the Work of the BiH Council of National Minorities for 2020.

By confirming the Letter of the Council, which was sent to the Mayor of the Municipality of Ilidza and the Council of the Municipality of Ilidza, on the occasion of the attempt to evict a Roma settlement in this municipality, the members of the Council announced a request for a meeting with representatives of the Municipality of Ilidza. to address this issue, was announced by the Public Relations Department of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly.



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