Postponed celebrations of International Romani Day to be held in Czech capital on 22 July

The Prague 4 municipal department and the initiatives Khamoro o.p.s. and Romské Akce (Romani Actions) are organizing an evening of performances they are calling Romský bašavel. The invitation calls on all who are interested to come celebrate International Romani Day, customarily held on 8 April and postponed this year due to COVID-19, and to enjoy a pleasant evening full of dance, music and song.

Bašavel will take place on Wednesday, 22 July from 17:00 to 22:00 at the Novodvorská Cultural Center, Novodvorská 1013/151, Prague 4. Entry is free of charge.

The event is being moderated by Emil Voráč of the Khamoro organization, based in Chodov, which is especially famous for the care it provides to children and Romani youth. Because of measures associated with COVID-19, the number of participants is limited and it is no longer possible to register online.

Those who have not registered can still attempt to attend on the day. Scheduled performers are 




Croatia gets masks to kill the virus, the price surprised everyone

From next week, Croatia will receive masks that kill the virus, Ana Soldo, president of the Croatian Medical Chamber, told local media.

These are protective masks that come from Israel, made of copper with antioxidant and antibacterial action, which prevent secondary infections.

-Mask is an important product and it is very important to be able to use it for a long time. It is a three-layered mask that contains copper oxide and prevents the entry of viruses and bacteria. These masks are long lasting, can be used for up to 12 months. Their price should be around 40 kuna (330 denars) - explained Soldo.

The comments on the social networks in Croatia regarding the price of the antivirus masks that are expected on their market are positive. As a comparison, surgical masks that are now used as protection, and need to be changed every day, are sold at a price of 20 denars up.

Slovak survey of 450 settlements finds 80 % of households depend on borrowing money illegally

News server reports that according to recent research, the average household in a Romani settlement in Slovakia has four members and the average age of those living there is roughly 25 - it is rare to find seniors over 65 there. Those are just some of the findings of the national project survey called "Healthy Communities".

The survey took three years and was implemented by experts from the Faculty of Medicine at the PJ Šafárik University in Košice, covering approximately three-fourths of all excluded Romani localities in Slovakia. Researchers logged data in 450 excluded localities in more than 250 municipalities, predominantly in the Banská Bystrica, Košice and Prešov Regions.

The researchers asked almost 15 000 people, with the aid of health care assistants, about their living conditions in those places. "The most important thing this survey demonstrates in detail is that any ideas of an across-the-board, miraculous solution for what to do in these communities, which are frequently considered as one whole, are absurd," summarized Andrej Belák, an anthropologist who led the research and summarized its findings during a presentation earlier this week.



The opponents of racism are racists - current and former Czech Presidents show their anti-democratic colors to the world

Miloš Zeman, when visiting the American Ambassador, criticized the "opinion leaders" associated with these protests against racism, saying he doesn't need any new "Big Brothers" to tell him which values to hold. We are not surprised that Zeman said he needs no "opinion leaders", since he himself has an entire herd he is busy leading.

He then labeled the slogan of the American protests, "Black Lives Matter", a racist slogan. No, that is not a misquote.

Zeman consciously attacked those opposed to racism. Proof of that is his allegation that "society" in the Czech Republic and in the United States is currently facing attacks on the "independence" of their citizens.

"We cannot ignore this danger, we must counter it," Zeman said. This alleged "attack on the independence of citizens" actually consists of the fact that some citizens have had enough of racism and xenophobia, which of course is in accordance with the vision of democracy expressed by the Constitution and the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms in this country



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