IOM ready for joint cooperation with IRU

The International Organization for Migration - IOM is fully prepared for joint cooperation and realization of activities with the International Roma Union IRU.

This is the conclusion of the meeting in Geneva in the IOM office between the head of the office for cooperation with partner organizations Nicoleta Giordano and the representatives from IRU, President Zoran Dimov and Vice-President Anatoly Butakov.

During their meeting, the need for joint action in the field of migration was emphasized. The fact is that there is an increasing anti-mood disposition that is quite represented in international frameworks, and as relevant factors both the IOM and IRU are here to reduce this level of impatience and intolerance, as well as to help one of the most vulnerable communities in the world , among them the Roma community

The conclusion is that the contacts will continue and the cooperation and the realization of the prepared projects and their implementation will be further strengthened, with a clearly defined goal, the conclusions from this meeting between Nikoleta Jiordano and the representatives of IUU Zoran Dimov and Anatoly Butakov.

Zoran Dimov and Anatoly Butakov at the UN headquarters in Geneva: "IRU and UN strengthen mutual co-operation"

As part of the planned plans and activities, the two senior IRA representatives, President Zoran Dimov and Vice-President Anatoly Butakov, on February 15, after a previous invitation by the Geneva Office. the UN directorate in Geneva and the head of the office for cooperation with the NGO sector Lidija Grigoreva met the UN Palace in Geneva.

During the meeting, the two IRU representatives emphasized the moment and the cooperation between these two organizations. At the same time Zoran Dimov to Grigoreva and presented and gave the Strategy and Plan, as well as the Resolution of IRU, which was made together in cooperation with the European Roma Travel Forum -ERTF.

At the same time, the UN and IRU as well as the ERTF will raise the issues of a higher level of cooperation when it comes to the Roma nation, both from Europe and the whole world.
Chief Grigorieva expressed great satisfaction with the undertaken activities and preparations of the Start-up Plan and the resolution as well as the quality of the content of these very important documents, and mentioned that these strategic documents will be directly submitted to the UN Secretary General Gutieres.

At the same time, IRU representatives had meetings and talks with other senior UN officials in Geneva, such as the UNHCR Head of the NGO Sector Co-operation Section Monica Brulhart.

This act shows the readiness of an even stronger cooperation between the IRU and the UN in the future and jointly undertaken actions.


President of IRU Zoran Dimov and Vice-President Anatoly Butakov participated at the plenary session of the European Parliament in Brussels

Upon an invitation from EP President Antonio Tianni, at the regular EP Plenary Session held in Brussels on January 30, two senior officials from the largest international Roma organization -IRU, had their own downfall.

At the session, and at the same time marking the Holocaust Day, the representatives of IRU led by President Zoran Dimov and its Vice-President Anatoly Butakov had their presence.

At the same time, they also had the opportunity to introduce the European MPs with the adopted IRU Strategic Framework, as well as the adopted Strategic Resolutions of IRU, which were handed over to the high representatives of the European Parliament.

This is a huge success and honor of the largest and oldest Roma world organization IRU and an indicator that it is a serious partener of the European institutions in the creation of politics when it comes to Roma around the world.

IRU with call and support for future Roma candidates for MEPs

This 2019 from 23 to 26 May will have elections for the new 750 MEPs in the new composition of the European Parliament.

Knowing the capacity of the current MEPs who at the same time need to defend the interests and policies of the Roma Nation of Europe that number over 12 million Roma from the old continent, IRU is of the opinion that future MPs in the EP will need to pay more attention and towards the burning problems of the Roma people.

That's why IRU, as the largest and oldest organization of Roma, sends an appeal to all Roma political activists, and fighters for Roma rights are encouraging and urging them to join a campaign of their choice. IRU, with its full capacity and structure, will stand and lobby for future MEPs.

Encourages all candidates to join the political European movements that have good intentions towards the Roma nation. Otherwise, candidates need to have lobby from their own party members, as well as support from the Roma community from their originating country, and they are an EU member state.

This means that the IRU will be supported by all our Roma activists who will be part of the European Democrats, the Party of European Socialists and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, the Union for Europe of Nations, the European Green Party - the European Free Alliance, the European United Left - Nordic Green Left and Independence and Democracy.

This call applies only to candidates whose countries are members of the European Union and have the right to stand for the European Parliament.

All of the Roma organizations are joining this call to IRU with its support and lobby, who are members of the ERTF, (IRU, RNC, IRFIN, Phenjalipe, IREM, Roma political group, EastWestMet) ERIO and Roma intellectuals from all over the world.

Therefore, the IRU invites all those candidates, and they need to send their CV, as well as information about their previous experience and work in this field on the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IRU President Zoran Dimov and Vice President Anatoly Butakov participate at the European Parliament Plenary Session at the invitation of the EP President Mr. Antonio Tajani

A regular Plenary Session of MEPs will be held today in Brussels (30 January 2019) in the European Parliament. Within this session, an event will be held that will also mark the Day of Remembrance the Holocaust.

It is important to point out that the President of the International Roma Union - IRU, Mr. Zoran Dimov, as well as the IRU Vice President Anatoly Butakov was invited from the President of the European Parliament, Mr. Antonio Tajani. They will take part and at the same time will present the Strategic Framework prepared by IRU, as well as the adopted Strategic Resolutions also adopted by IRU.

At the same time, a meeting will be held between the EP presidents and the IRU, and will exchange views on further joint cooperation.

Within the celebration of the memory of the Holocaust, Dimov will have the opportunity for his short presentation in honor of this day.

Otherwise, during this event, there are announcements for short bilateral meetings between the senior leadership of IRU and other enthusiastic officials from this European institution.

Zoran Dimov, President of IRU, met with EP President Antonio Tajani and other European high officials

Within the framework of its participation in the EP Plenary Session in Brussels, the President of the IRU Zoran Dimov and its Vice-President Anatoly Butakov held significant meetings and a presentation of the plans and program of the work of IRU.

IRU representatives first met and discussed with EP President Mr. Antonio Tianni. Here, they exchanged quite useful information for further and long-term cooperation with the priority of creating a Strategy and a plan for the Roma.

Then he left a meeting and talked with MEP Livia Jaroka. which at the same time showed interest and acknowledged that it would support all given operational plans by IRU to the EP legislature.

Immediately afterwards, a meeting was also held with the High Commissioner for Justice of the European Commission, Vera Yurova, and here was discussed the sensibility for exercising their rights when it comes to Roma, both from Europe and beyond.

It was assured that more attention will be paid to all similar problems for an effective and just solution.

On the sidelines during this visit, other meetings were held with officials from the European institutions

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