She moved into an apartment in Skopje, the neighbors kicked her out after one day because she was Roma

The owner of an apartment in Skopje evicted a tenant because she was a Roma woman and was being rude to the neighbors one day after she moved in properly.

A complaint has been submitted to the Commission for Prevention and Protection against Discrimination for committed discrimination based on gender, race, belonging to a marginalized group, ethnicity and family or marital status in the area of housing and access to goods and services.

According to the allegations in the complaint, the woman was looking for an apartment for her long-term accommodation through a real estate agency from Skopje.

"Vabotena at the agency offered her an apartment in Vlae, which they agreed that the petitioner should see." At the same time, it is stated that the owner of the apartment opened it for them, while during its review, the applicant was accompanied by a family friend.

In the continuation of the petition, it is stated that the petitioner stated that she liked the apartment already during its review, which is why they concluded a lease agreement with the owner on 13.10.2023, according to which the petitioner paid the lessor a rent deposit and another half rent for the current month , for a lease to begin on October 15th.

The petitioner as a lessee moved into the apartment on October 15, and the following evening around 11 pm she was contacted by the lessor who addressed her with the following words: "You have to leave the apartment, the other tenants are protesting because you are Roma".

The petitioner claims that such a statement upset her, and she replied that she had nowhere to go, she was sick with diabetes and asked about the reasons, to which the landlord replied that there was pressure from the other tenants to evict her," the complaint states.

The Commission for Prevention and Protection from Discrimination has determined direct intersectional discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, and family or marital status in the area of housing.







Czech court sentences those involved in the Pardubice street brawl: The two Roma must do community service, the Ukrainian got prison time, suspended for 1.5 years

Two of the Romani men who participated in a street brawl at the start of the summer holidays in Pardubice, Czech Republic between Romani people and Ukrainians have been sentenced to performing 150 and 200 hours of community service work, respectively. The Ukrainian who was involved has been given a prison sentence of seven months, suspended for 1.5 years. Karel Gobernac, a judge at the District Court in Pardubice, informed the Czech News Agency (ČTK) of the news. “The decision has yet to take effect, but the court order has been delivered to two of the convicts, while the last convict, who is the Ukrainian, has yet to take delivery of it,” Gobernac said. According to the legal qualification in the indictment, all of those involved could have been sentenced to up to two years in prison. During the brawl at the intersection of Anenská and Karla IV. Streets on 1 July, one of the Romani men was lightly injured, as previously reported by news server





A swastika and a horrifying message: This creepy scene dawned on a house in Grdelica

According to the neighbors, the deceased owner was a hardworking worker of the nearby Drvni kombinat, and his sister takes care of that house. The search is still ongoing for the hooligans who painted Nazi symbols in the Roma part of the settlement in Grdelica a certain period.

As we unofficially learn, in this part of the neighborhood near the Railway Station, someone painted Nazi symbols during the night on the house of the recently deceased owner: a swastika with the horrifying message "death to gypsies".

As Zoran Saitović, the founder of the Roma non-governmental organization "Rosa", pointed out to the local media, "the Roma in that part of the city municipality do not have any particular problems with their neighbors from the majority."

- The exhibitionism of this "draftsman" is a solitary incident that definitely needs to be shed light on - Saitović emphasized in his text.



Roma targeted by Brazilian policies

The policemen in Brazil have been terrorizing, arresting and killing the Roma for weeks, but this shocking information is still not a topic of the media. "Who is the Brazilian Roma community and what's really going on?" reads a recent Twitter post by journalist and founder of Romani Herstory, Emily Herbert-Pontonier. Many Roma families are currently afraid to go outside, to go to the grocery store. In addition, the surviving relatives of the victims were prohibited from caring for their dead and burying them according to tradition. In a manifesto sent to the authorities in Brazil, including President Jair Bolsonaro, the IRU and the Roma Union of Spain (URS) called for guaranteeing the safety of Brazilian Roma, as Roma could be the target of further racist attacks. The IRU and URS also call for immediate intervention of the United Nations and punishment of those responsible.

Otherwise, the Brazilian authorities, who in recent weeks mentioned the police killing of Roma and encouraged the lynching policy, clearly show that they are not preparing anything different for the future than what marked the past.




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