Crossbow / Swastika - Symbol

Crossbow (German: Hakenkreuz) or Swastika (Sanskrit: स्वास्तिक) - Cross with equal sides with broken arms at right angles and turned to the right (卐) or to the left (卍).
The expression comes from the Sanskrit word "swasti", which means good.

The Thai greeting with clasped hands (as in prayer) has the same roots and the same meaning.

The swastika is a widely used symbol in the Dharma religions (Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism). Hinduists often decorate the swastika with one dot in each quadrant. In India it is a very common and common symbol, so it is part of several devanagari alphabets.

It is also part of modern Unicode. Often found in religious texts, wedding invitations, ornaments, etc. It is used for marking religious flags in Jainism and Buddhist temples in Asia.

There is archaeological evidence that forms of swastika date back to the Neolithic. In the 1920s the swastika was borrowed as a Nazi symbol and has been a controversial symbol ever since. In the Western world, the swastika is best known as a symbol of Nazism, which distorts the historical meaning of the symbol of the East.

It is also found in other Asian, European, African and Native American (Indian) cultures, sometimes as a geometric motif, sometimes as a religious symbol.

Although in Europe this symbol can be found on many buildings and monuments, its use in the Western world is avoided due to its connection with Nazi Germany.

Nearly 300,000 people watched the video of a Roma strike at a gas station. Slovak Roma protest police brutality, police reject abuse

An incident occurred between Sunday and Monday night between police and a group of locals in the Kosice area, who are now accused of violating rights and violent behavior.

 Several residential property families, Roma and non-Roma, celebrated the arrival of friends from England at the local gas station. It was to bother one of the patrolling police who decided to suspend the celebration and there was a subsequent conflict that ended in Marijan Kucar's handcuffs.
Celebrating claims that they did not disturb or interfere with anyone. About 400 people, mostly Roma, protested against police the next day. They inform the Slovak media.

The group admits that they drank alcohol they bought at the gas station, but added that they were sent there by a police officer because they were noisy among the stalls. "He came to warn us that we were disturbing the night peace. Yes, I respected him, I told him that yes, it is 23:00, we are leaving at a gas station.


BiH: While Gacko Citizen Ruthlessly Kills Roma, Police Silent

At a bus stop in Gasko a young boy was apparently hit by a young Roma man while cursing his Muslim faith and mother.

The boy who assaulted the Roma was in an alcoholic state during a break when the bus was traveling in the Gacko-Brane route. He accused the Roma of losing his father because of people like him.

As you can see from the footage of the incident there was a police officer who did not react.

The case was reported to a police station.



‘I’m a Roma Gypsy - and a proud and responsible Loiner - and I’m fed up of all the negativity about my community’

After the YEP revealed last month that Leeds City Council is to introduce a new 28-day amnesty period for Gypsy and Traveller encampments, we were inundated with letters and online comments on the issue.

Some of the negative backlash prompted one young member of the Leeds Romany Gypsy community - Teresa Birtle, 22 - to write a passionate response.
As a Romany Gypsy who has lived in Leeds much of my life, I am upset by recent letters regarding Travellers and Gypsies.

Leeds is a very diverse place with many different ethnicities and identities.
Surely it’s obvious that within those different identities people are not all the same - yet things are said about Travellers as if we are.

Leeds does not have enough permanent or transit sites so we have to camp wherever we can.

We are making the best of a bad situation and often, due to lack of adequate provision, we are forced to live alongside people on the camp who have very different values to us.


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