The Museum of Personal Stories in Osijek is truly special, and the moving story of the Roma story has become virtual

As soon as I turned my back, I was cursed by my mother Gypsy - is part of a fragment of a participant in the exhibition "Roma Stories" Museum of Personal Stories in Swordfish.
The idea for this project was born a few years ago, and behind them are the initiators of this idea Zeljka Kovacevic (Jade Inn) and Jovica Radosavljevic (Roma Resource Center Darda). This couple thought that there was not enough written material for the Roma community in Croatia and they wanted to change it.

So has the "Roma Stories" exhibition that Danas gathers a large number of authors (Martina Globuchnik, Zeljka Kovacevic and Miroslav Sikavica) and the production team, and on the site of the Museum of Personal Stories where it is also put together for the personal and important moments of the Roma and Gypsy women, and most of the members of the Munceni / Muncari, Ludari and Ardeljani / Erdelci subgroup, then Bajashi inhabited in the Slavonia and Baranja region.


Is a group of taxi drivers in Nis ordered not to accept Roma?

A lot of dust in Serbia has been raised due to the online taxi rulebook where taxi drivers are ordered not to accept Roma. It is not specified which association it is, but it is assumed that it is a low taxi association because of the name of the neighborhood where it is listed as a place of avoidance.

The authenticity of the document has not yet been confirmed, but if proven, there is no doubt that the author of the driver's manual violates human rights.

Although the rulebook prohibits taxi drivers from using the toilet and water at the company's headquarters, it clearly states that members of the Roma community for this taxi company are unwanted clients.

The document also sets out precise guidelines on how drivers should behave if they are stopped by Roma and how to avoid them most easily.

 "Because of media reports that cannot be sure what the text is about, human rights organizations are urged to read this document."

It is expected that if there is indeed a rulebook, the lawsuit can be made as soon as possible. This way of working is unacceptable and needs to be sanctioned.



ERRC will ensure Roma tortured by Slovak police receive justice

The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) will provide legal assistance to Roma from Milhost, Slovakia who were physically abused by police officers while under arrest on 23 July 2019. Two Romani young men, aged 19, were arrested and severely beaten by police officers after they were detained at a local pub.

Three other women, including the mother and aunt of one of the men, were also physically assaulted in police custody after officers entered their home and attacked the family. A complaint has been filed by the victims with the police inspectorate.

The incident occurred after a police patrol was summoned to a pub at around 7:00 pm on 23rd July where the two Romani men were involved in a physical confrontation with the owner. The officers detained the two young Roma, put them in a police car, and beat them for the duration of the journey to the local police station in Čaňa.

The two men requested medical care for their injuries but were refused. They were later transferred for unknown reasons to Moldava nad Bodvou and then to Košice before returning to Čaňa where they were released on 24th July.


Salvini out of control: Insulting Roma exactly on Holocaust anniversary

Italy’s far-right interior minister Matteo Salvini has threatened to bulldoze the home of a woman he called a “dirty gypsy”. 

The racist outburst on Twitter came in response to a news report which showed the woman, who lives in a Roma camp in Milan, saying Mr Salvini deserved “bullets in the head”. 

Using the term "zingaraccia", which roughly translates into English as "dirty gypsy", Mr Salvini tweeted in Italian: "But is it normal for a gypsy woman in Milan to say, 'Salvini should be shot in the head?'"

"Be good, dirty gypsy, be good, for the bulldozer is arriving soon.” 

The comment was widely condemned in Italy, with some critics pointing out the tweet came on the eve of Roma Holocaust Memorial Day, a commemoration on 2 August to remember thousands of Romani and Sinti people murdered by the Nazis at Auschwitz on that date in 1944.


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