In memoriam Nadir Dedić 1930. – 2023 - The last Roma who survived the Jasenovac concentration camp in Croatia died

On June 13 this year, the Union of Anti-Fascist Fighters and Anti-Fascists of the Republic of Croatia announced on their website that Nadir Dedic, the last Roma who survived the genocide against the Roma in the Jasenovac concentration camp in Croatia during the Second World War, had died.

Nadir was born in 1930 in the village of Žeravica near (Bosanska) Gradishka, where a large Roma community lived in the period between the two world wars. Leaving school early, Nadir was forced to work. His father Mustafa gave him to rich peasants, where he worked as a shepherd, first in the nearby village of Brestovčina, and then on the Volksdeutsche estate in Nova Topola. He stayed there until September 1942, when he was arrested on charges of arson and sent to a camp. He was deported to the Jasenovac camp, where he was assigned to forced labor in a locksmith workshop. He managed to survive in the camp because the Ustashas did not know that he was Roma, but considered him a Muslim (Bosniak). He was released after the intervention of a villager from the village of Orahovo, who was a friend of his father.

After returning to his native region, he started working again as a shepherd and, like other Roma in that region, connected with the partisans. Nadir himself saw the end of the war as a member of the 20th Kraina Partisan Strike Brigade.

After his release, he settled in Zagreb, where he lived until his death. He was an active member of Roma organizations and a participant in numerous gatherings in the country and abroad, and thanks to his efforts in the early 1970s, one of the first monuments to the Roma victims of the Second World War was erected in Žeravica. As one of the few surviving Roma, he was invited to Berlin in 2012, where he participated in the opening of the Memorial for the Roma and Sinti victims of National Socialism. With his wife and sons, he regularly came to the Jasenovac Memorial Area, where he attended commemorations in memory of the victims of the camp, and his direct approach will remain deeply etched in the memory of all employees of the Jasenovac Memorial Area.

Dedic's last farewell was held on Monday, June 19, at 1:20 p.m. in the Markovo Pole mortuary.




Kosovo: The police did not allow the Roma flag and the flags of all communities to be placed in front of the Government of Kosovo

The leader of the Civic Initiative "Serbian Survival" Aleksandar Arsenijević and the deputy chairman for communities in the municipality of North Mitrovica Skender Sadiku tried on Wednesday to place the Serbian, Bosniak, Roma and Turkish flags in front of the Kosovo Government building in Pristina. However, the police did not allow them to do so.

Arsenijević and Sadiku insisted that the flags be placed in front of the Government building where, in addition to the Kosovo flag, there are also the flags of Albania, the United States of America and the European Union.

Arsenijević stated in the conversation with the policemen that according to the Constitution of Kosovo, Serbs and other non-majority communities have the right to their symbols and requested that they be allowed to display the flags of other communities recognized by the constitution in Kosovo. However, he received an answer that according to the Law on the Use of State Symbols, they cannot do that.



Seka Aleksic fulfilled her promise and appeared as a companion at the graduation of a Roma girl who suffered insults from her school peers: The singer made many cry with her move

The singer Seka Aleksic recently enthralled all of Serbia after she responded to the story of the Roma girl from Vrbas who suffered violence from her peers and sent a strong message about this important social issue.

Namely, the students from the school where she teaches gave a girl of Roma origin a copper wire with the comment: "Yours must be collecting copper, so let's contribute."

In addition, the girl was left without an escort for graduation, and after this story reached the public, Seka Aleksic announced that she will be this girl's escort at the graduation dinner.

Seka Aleksic has now fulfilled his promise. She posted videos from Vrbas on her Twitter where she was welcomed by the family of a girl who, due to discrimination by her peers, was left without an escort for the prom night.

The graduate's family members were delighted by Seka's presence, and when the singer appeared at the graduation as the girl's chaperone, everyone was delighted by the gesture.

Let's remind, when the media reported the news that the students from the eighth grade of O.Sh. "Petar Petrović Njegoš" from Vrbas was "gifted" a copper wire by her peers, and the boy who was supposed to be an escort "refused", reported Seka. "I'm going to prom with her!" Where is that girl," the singer wrote on Twitter at the time, and the action was supported by many public figures, who also said they wanted to go to a small prom in Vrbas.




Bitola: The swastikas on the Roma houses is a hate crime

The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights strongly condemns the case of writing offensive graffiti with swastikas and inscriptions "Gyupci", written with black spray on houses of the Roma population on Debarska street in Bitola. This is another case of a hate crime, with a message calling for violence against the Roma ethnic community.

Starting from the aspiration to build coexistence, tolerance and mutual respect regardless of national, ethnic, religious or any other affiliation, we request the competent institutions, above all the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor's Office, to thoroughly investigate the case, to find the perpetrators, who should be held accountable for this act.

The Helsinki Committee expects the Ministry of the Interior and the Public Prosecutor's Office to properly qualify this act as a hate crime. For our part, we will file a criminal complaint and in the future we will follow all the activities that are undertaken in connection with the case.

In the past years, the Helsinki Committee has on several occasions warned about the presence of hate speech towards the Roma community in the Municipality of Bitola and the need to take concrete steps to increase the awareness among citizens of inter-ethnic, inter-religious and inter-cultural tolerance and coexistence.

The appropriate reaction from the institutions in such moments is extremely important, because failure to provide effective protection to the victims of hate speech and acts can result in discouraging the victims from seeking protection and encouraging the perpetrators to repeat the crime.

Racial profiling of the Roma remains the key factor that prevents equal access to goods and services and reinforces their marginalized status in society. Precisely because of all this, the Helsinki Human Rights Committee believes that real improvements are possible only through a significant change in the attitude of the state authorities towards this community.


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