Government accused of ignoring concerns of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller inquiry

The women and equalities committee published its inquiry report in April, setting out recommendations to help improve outcomes in a range of policy areas,including health, education, hate crime and violence against women and girls.

However, the letter sent by the committeeto communities minister Lord Bourne states that "some of the response lacks focus and specific commitments, and we have asked the minister to report back to us in 12 months' time".

A statement from the committee describes the letter, signed by chair Maria Miller, as setting out its "concerns that several key recommendations have been ignored".
Miller says: "These issues are not new.

"Gypsy, Roma and Traveller people have some of the worst outcomes of any ethnic group - in health, education and employment - and they face high levels of discrimination and hate crime."


Recognition and commemoration of the Roma genocide in European countries

In Greece, the genocide of Roma is studied in secondary education.
In Greece there is no official information about Greek Roma deported to concentration camps.

In Austria there is no concrete information on the level of students studying the genocide of Roma and Sinti. In Austria, May 5, the day of liberation of Mauthausen, is celebrated as a national day against violence and racism in the memory of the victims of national socialism. The celebration includes Roma victims.

Czech Republic
The Ministry of Youth, Sport and Education includes a curriculum according to which inevitably the study of the genocide of Roma and Sinti, as well as the full events of the twentieth century, the Holocaust, the Czechoslovak anti-fascist resistance and the Second World War.

Teaching about the genocide of Roma and Sinti is carried out at all levels of education, although no additional information on educational practices has been provided. In France there is no special day to commemorate the government-sponsored genocide of Roma and Sinti. However, on the 70th anniversary of the Vel d'Hive event to commemorate victims in Paris, the President also included Roma victims of genocide in the speech.

The republics of Germany have considerable autonomy in determining the accuracy of curriculum content, National Socialism and the Holocaust are programs that are mandatory throughout the country. On October 24, 2012, a memorial in honor of the victims of the genocide of Roma and Sinti was installed. The ceremony was attended by the President, the German Chancellor, and the President of the German Bundesrat.

In Italy, the study of the genocide of Roma and Sinti is contained in the curriculum of higher education. Genocide-related initiatives are taking place as part of the January 27 action in the context of the Holocaust Remembrance Day.

In Poland as the day of commemoration of the genocide of Roma and Sinti is on August 2nd, and is being held in Auschwitz. The ceremony includes speeches from international leaders, laying wreaths and prayers. The event was visited by the state leadership, as well as Roma associations. The event gets significant media influence.

The Netherlands has not adopted a national curriculum, the educational process is organized through the goals and competences expected from the students. In the United Kingdom, there is currently no commemorative event for the genocide of Roma and Sinti.

Horror in Kosovo: A Twelve Years Roma Child, Rape and Slaying

С.О. (20) has been arrested in Kosovo. He is suspected of raping him several times and has also killed him with a twelve-year-old Roma boy whose body was found on a road near his house, according to media reports.

The body was found a week ago but in the first moment it was not known what the cause was. On the head of the child there were injuries that determined that the child had died from strokes.

- It was not known whether it was hit by a car or was dropped from an object or trailer that was passing from the street. There was also the possibility that someone had hit him with a blunt object on the head - there were allegations from the Kosovo police.

During the autopsy it was determined that the child was raped and then killed. The mother of the child's child said that her son had previously complained that a male person had disturbed him and sent him a grudge.

- That's exactly what the police led to the suspect who, due to the suspicion of committing a hard-assassination case, was given a 30-day detention, the police emphasized.

According to unofficial information, the suspect S.O. at the hearing he defended himself with silence.


Slovak homeowner considers selling to Roma, so his neighbors graffiti his house and puncture his tires

Maroš Hadžega wants to sell the house in Polomka, Slovakia, where he lives with his family. Local residents are apparently bothered by the idea that a Romani family who came to view the property might buy it and move in.

The Romani family has informed Hadžega that they are not interested in buying the property. Moreover, he says he has not yet decided to whom to sell it.

The Hadžega couple decided to sell the family home through a real estate agency. "Many prospective buyers came to see the property. Most were members of the majority society, but I did not consider it a problem for a Romani family to also view it," Hadžega told the Slovak media.

According to him, the Romani family who came to see the house were "very respectable". They arrived in an SUV.

Hadžega believes some of his neighbors may have noticed that Romani people were interested in buying the house and may have wanted to prevent any Roma from moving into Polomka. "Ever since then, it has been hell for my family," he alleges.



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