Czech racists spread their annual summertime lies about free entry to swimming pools for Romani people

News server Dení has reported on a regular summertime phenomenon in the Czech Republic, when the sun begins to bake and people head for the swimming pools - rumors are being spread by e-mail and social media that Romani people get free access to those facilities.

The report gives an example of one post: "The Labor Offices reimburse their clients receiving aid to those in material distress to take taxis to go shopping in the supermarkets, and they reimburse their entry to the swimming pools. That's right, the Roma are enjoying summer again."

Similar hoaxes have been disseminated for many years - as far back as 2010, residents of Havířov were spreading the absurdly false rumor that Romani people were getting free entry to the pool there.

This year such disinformation is again being disseminated in northern Bohemia. Martin Mata, director of the Municipal Services department of Ústí nad Labem, told the news server that: "Free entry for Romani people to our swimming pool is naturally nonsense, there is nothing of the kind in place."

"People spread these falsehoods in order to stir up negative emotions," Mata said.



Mateo Salvini seeks to sterilize the Roma woman

Mateo Salvini - "This cursed thief in prison for thirty years has put himself in the position of no more children, and her poor children have given up for decent families."


These are the words of Interior Minister Mateo Salvini, who commented on the news of a Roma woman who robbed an elderly tourist tourist in Rome. Here is the opinion of Salvini, who defines the woman as "the cursed thief" and does not hesitate to call for sterilization for her.


The affair took place in Rome, where a woman, known as Madame Theft, was postponed because she was pregnant.


The woman was sentenced to 25 years in prison, which was supposed to serve her after birth. Vasilija Husic, a 33-year-old Bosnian woman, robbed a 86-year-old Peruvian tourist at the Flaminio subway station in Rome during pregnancy for the 11th time.


Police blocked Husic and three other pickups who were with her, including a minor. The two adults who were with her were subjected to a very direct ritual during which the judge confirmed the arrest.

Roma from over 100 houses loaded on a bus and deported from the Russian village for the murder of Russian!

On June 13 this year a mass brawl takes place between the residents of the village Chemodanovka and the local Roma. One Rusin is dead in the fight. The next day the Russians held a massive protest. Two days later they start burning Romani houses.

After this, a group of about 650 to 900 Roma (different sources transmit different) living in the area of ​​Chemodanovka and the nearby village of Lopatki, the Penza region to the east of Moscow, have been placed on a bus and resettled in the Volgograd region about 500 km from the former residence . In another variant of the story, the Roma themselves climb a bus and preventively leave.

The authorities said that the Roma diaspora in the Volgograd region agreed to give shelter to the Roma from Chemodanovka, adding that the authorities in the village would consider how it was at all allowed Roma to make a settlement in their surroundings.

One of the speculations is that the fight was caused because the locals had a problem with sexual harassment by the Roma.

After moving out, about 90 Roma houses are abandoned. Asked about the possible return of Roma, the locals are of two types: it will not happen almost and it will not happen at all.

In the Russian region - Penza, Roma village near Chemodanovka catches fire

In the village of Lopatki, near Chemodanovka (Penza region), there has been a major fire in the houses where Roma live. Social networks users report on the situation.


To recall, there has was a mass brawl between the locals and the gypsies, as a result of which a man died.


According to the EMERCOM, the fire began yesterday at 21:46 Moscow time. Several buildings burned down. “No casualties reported,” the Ministry reported.


Social networks users assume it was an arson. The region governor and IC Head Alexander Bastrykin have already intervened in the conflict between the locals and gypsies.


Earlier, Chemodanovka residents blocked the highway after a mass brawl. In turn, Roma representatives said that the residents themselves initiated the conflict.



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