National hatred - have become an everyday day of social networks

"Gypsies", and other expressions towards the Roma have become like a normal everyday life of social media.
One to start reading the comments and their conclusions about Roma, will understand that the Roma are actually monsters.
For example, out of negligence and inhuman approach to say fifty negligent and sufficiently un-socialized Roma group in the country, it immediately starts with "bursts" and generalization such as "Gypsies", "Chargers" ... And immediately accompanying a similar arsenal adjectives, addictions, support, insults to one nation, as well as additional style additions: Thieves, jubilants, drug addicts, dirty, liars, etc. to describe the Roma more explicitly.
Well, you people well do you live? According to you, the "prick" who comments, is it a potential danger to you, if a Gypsy is sitting on the same bench at school with your child, there is a danger of stealing a pencil or a notebook and a dinner?
Is it accidental that if you work with your colleague "Gypsy" in your joint office, there is a potential danger that your cellphone, wallet, your laptop can run out of you?
Is it with your acquaintance - friend "Gypsy" that you are embarrassed and tempted to go out for a coffee conversation?
If, after some coincidence in your home, a "gypsy" is engaged in maintaining hygiene, household or guarding your children, there is a danger that you will get all your work done home, will dirty your home, or you will have it steal the child?

Another logical question: Where does that exclusiveness in a foreign person whom you do not know well write to him on his behalf his CV?

My "good people" with "soft hearts", what you write and describe generally others, shows your ancestral simple mental set-up, and not according to you the "genetics" of all Roma.

And finally, the word "gypsy" is not a name for a nation-nation, but a characteristic feature that you may be describing yourself!

In an associative sense, the written documents as they got the name of the 11th century dated date, and "Gypsy" derives from the Greek word Antihganos τσιγγάνοι or ἀτσίγγανοι which in the translation means untouchable, and today this translation is labeled as "dirty, thief, deceiver, ignorant, bad ....

How did the Roma groups get this name after their emigration from India?

In the above-mentioned region, before the arrival of these Roma groups, a group of "sects" practiced magic, they were rejected by the population as Antichrists, and called "Antigangs".
With the advent of the Roma ethnic group, because of their similarity to the sect that had come to an end before their arrival, the domicile population replaced it with the previous sect by calling it the same name Antihganos.

According to "Vecernje Novosti" - Ramush Haradinaj killed Roma from Kosovo

The former KLA leader Ramush Haradinaj, according to the Belgrade media, directly took part and killed Roma from Kosovo during the wars in that province
Vecernje Novosti dispute Haradinaj gave an order in the basement of Hotel Pashric in Djakovica to make a temporary prison where Arben Shkupi, Anton Lekaj, Besim Behrastimi, Shaban Azemi. Rifat Uksinay and other KLA members illegally detained non-Albanian civilians, committing terror and rape.
Haradinaj ordered several prisoners to be taken to the shore of the Erenik River near the slaughterhouse "Agimi" or in the nearby forest and were killed.

On June 12, 1999 near the factory "Edmin Duraku" Shkupi, Lekaj, Bezrazimi, Azemi. Ukshinaj and Hoxha Hekuran, accompanied by Ukaj, performed a wedding procession for several Roma. Rzhem Bedri and Salija Shalja, Gzim Iširi, Eifeta Zekiri, Bajram Krasniqi Zvezdan Ljuljdaj, Shaban Biljala, Sofia Tafa, Hassan Tafa and the juvenile bride Ganimet Tafa were taken away and kept for hours in the factory.

In the hotel cellar, they spent four days raping women more than once. One day one of the victims tried to escape through a window, but they caught him, cut off his head and thrown him into the river. About two o'clock in the morning on June 15, Shupupi told Bedrija and Reggio Shala, Bajram Krasniqi Zvezdan Lusay and Gagovic that on Haradinaj's order they would be shot. They tied them and took them near the slaughterhouse "Agimi" and were shot together by Bedrija Shanja, who managed to escape.

Otherwise, Haradinaj was convicted for crimes in The Hague and then released for lack of evidence and was one of the biggest problems during the trial of Haradinaj was the intimidation and liquidation of witnesses.

Government accused of ignoring concerns of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller inquiry

The women and equalities committee published its inquiry report in April, setting out recommendations to help improve outcomes in a range of policy areas,including health, education, hate crime and violence against women and girls.

However, the letter sent by the committeeto communities minister Lord Bourne states that "some of the response lacks focus and specific commitments, and we have asked the minister to report back to us in 12 months' time".

A statement from the committee describes the letter, signed by chair Maria Miller, as setting out its "concerns that several key recommendations have been ignored".
Miller says: "These issues are not new.

"Gypsy, Roma and Traveller people have some of the worst outcomes of any ethnic group - in health, education and employment - and they face high levels of discrimination and hate crime."


Recognition and commemoration of the Roma genocide in European countries

In Greece, the genocide of Roma is studied in secondary education.
In Greece there is no official information about Greek Roma deported to concentration camps.

In Austria there is no concrete information on the level of students studying the genocide of Roma and Sinti. In Austria, May 5, the day of liberation of Mauthausen, is celebrated as a national day against violence and racism in the memory of the victims of national socialism. The celebration includes Roma victims.

Czech Republic
The Ministry of Youth, Sport and Education includes a curriculum according to which inevitably the study of the genocide of Roma and Sinti, as well as the full events of the twentieth century, the Holocaust, the Czechoslovak anti-fascist resistance and the Second World War.

Teaching about the genocide of Roma and Sinti is carried out at all levels of education, although no additional information on educational practices has been provided. In France there is no special day to commemorate the government-sponsored genocide of Roma and Sinti. However, on the 70th anniversary of the Vel d'Hive event to commemorate victims in Paris, the President also included Roma victims of genocide in the speech.

The republics of Germany have considerable autonomy in determining the accuracy of curriculum content, National Socialism and the Holocaust are programs that are mandatory throughout the country. On October 24, 2012, a memorial in honor of the victims of the genocide of Roma and Sinti was installed. The ceremony was attended by the President, the German Chancellor, and the President of the German Bundesrat.

In Italy, the study of the genocide of Roma and Sinti is contained in the curriculum of higher education. Genocide-related initiatives are taking place as part of the January 27 action in the context of the Holocaust Remembrance Day.

In Poland as the day of commemoration of the genocide of Roma and Sinti is on August 2nd, and is being held in Auschwitz. The ceremony includes speeches from international leaders, laying wreaths and prayers. The event was visited by the state leadership, as well as Roma associations. The event gets significant media influence.

The Netherlands has not adopted a national curriculum, the educational process is organized through the goals and competences expected from the students. In the United Kingdom, there is currently no commemorative event for the genocide of Roma and Sinti.

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