The activities of Asmet Elezovski and Zoran Dimov within the National Action Plan for Open Government Partnership 2021-2023 are commendable

NRC from Kumanovo and RDICM have been part of the NGOs from the country for a long time and participate in the preparation of the fifth National Action Plan for Open Government Partnership 2021-2023. As part of the working groups and their members, they are already working in several priority areas which they then send to the Government as proposals and ideas for a National Action Plan for Open Government Partnership. Above all, they work in activities such as Transparency, Accountability, Proactivity and Inclusion Asmet Elezovski as director of NRC from Kumanovo, at the same time Zoran Dimov as President of RDICM together with over 30 other representatives of institutions, civil society organizations and others. are very active in their proposals and ideas for better and more active communication with the Government and its institutions. Above all, they are engaged in the field of Establishing a culture of open government, transparency, accountability and inclusiveness - the activities would include defining rules for all participants in the process, promotion activities to encourage stakeholder participation. The areas in which these two Roma organizations participate are very extensive and wide. They are active in the workshops and many of the proposed commitments have been accepted and taken into account. Among their efforts are the lack of clear criteria and transparency in employment and appointment of persons as well as the problem of uneven practices of involvement of civil society organizations in decision-making processes between institutions and between central and local level. Normally, their participation in the work of the National Action Plan for Open Government Partnership 2021-2023 continues.

Zoran Dimov: "Now that Samka has taken a seat, it is time for him to repay the debt to BTR, and to unblock his PCER account"

After the appointment by the Government of the former MP, Minister and Deputy Minister Samka Ibraimovski for acting Deputy Director of "Makedonija Pat", Zoran Dimov, owner and founder of TV BTR Nacional, announced that the PCER party has been blocked for a long time due to the party's debt to BTR Nacional, for unpaid and implemented paid political program - Campaign.
The debt dates back more than 5 years, due to which the claims are given through a court for execution. To this day, that debt has not been repaid, which amounts to about 1 million denars.
Dimov has repeatedly allowed PCER to unblock the account in writing with a request due to the inflow of funds and the functioning of the party, with a promise from Samka that he will start paying the debt. After the money went to bed, Samka did not keep his promise and the account was blocked again. However, Ibraimovski several times due to the inflow of funds for the party opened special accounts for laundering those funds and according to Dimov without knowing the party where he is a signatory of those accounts raised the funds and thus committed illegal acts. Former Minister without portfolio Aksel Ahmedovski, who knows all these moments, is also aware of this fact.
Dimov repeatedly warned them from SDSM that PCER's account is blocked and that Ibraimovski illegally collects funds for a special sub-account of the party of which he is the only signatory.
Dimov says: "Ibraimovski ruined and set back the first Roma political party in Macedonia. Instead of progress, he took the party back years. When he took over the presidency, he only degraded it and used it for personal interests. For him, it was in fact a business firm - for his own personal interests, not a party that should defend the interests of the community he should represent. That is why the PCER party collapsed financially. Now is the time, as soon as he takes a seat on behalf of the party, to repay his debt to TV BTR from his salary as acting deputy director of "Makedonija Pat" to get rid of PCER's account, so that this party can function normally. At the same time, he knows that he is already undesirable on the Roma political scene, let him slowly give way to other much more productive and young forces in PCER. "PCER needs to remove this" gravedigger "of the party from its ranks and elect a new and young staff "Otherwise, the future leader of PCER should know that he will encounter a blocked account of PCER, but I promise that I will make an effort on my part to wholeheartedly help this party and find an optimal solution only for the benefit of PCER and for The Roma people "concluded Dimov in his thinking.

International Romani Union makes US Presidential endorsement for the first time in the it s history

By Arianna Amehae

For the first time in its fifty-year history, the International Romani Union (IRU) has endorsed a US presidential ticket. “The International Romani Union is proud to endorse Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris for President and Vice President of the United States of America,” begins the statement issued by IRU President, Zoran Dimov.
The IRU is the oldest Roma cooperative council with worldwide reach. The IRU has an active office in the US led by IRU Vice President Anatoly Butakov. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen the Roma population further stigmatized, particularly in Europe, where draconian measures imposed by several authoritarian heads of state have been denounced by Amnesty International. The far-right nationalist governments, some supported by the Trump Administration, have been spotlighted for a new round of coronavirus-related human rights abuses committed against Roma communities.
“The International Romani Union is confident that a Biden-Harris Administration will not stand idly by while far-right dictators and authoritarians in Europe continue a pattern of human rights abuses against the Roma,” writes President Dimov. “Such ‘politicians’ and state media have exploited the COVID-19 pandemic to perpetuate the stigmatization of Roma communities. For example, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán of Hungary excluded the Roma from the country’s COVID-19 mitigation plan, and when asked to justify the action an Orbán spokeswoman simply offered a racist retort.”
In a 2014 speech in Kyiv, Ukraine, Vice President Biden put European government’s on notice that anti-Roma “bigotry” has “No place. None. Zero.” Speaking to then Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Biden continued, “The United States condemns in the strongest possible terms all threats and attacks against Ukrainian Jewish communities as well as Roma and others.”
The IRU endorsement of the Biden-Harris candidacy reads in full:
“The International Romani Union was founded at the first World Romani Congress in 1971. Approximately one million Roma people reside in the US, from California to Florida, and from Texas to the Great Lakes region. The International Romani Union was heartened to see the Roma recognized by the Biden-Harris Indigenous Policy working group for Global Affairs. We hope that this will be a precursor to a Biden-Harris Administration giving full recognition to the Roma as a distinct ethnic group. As one of the most ancient tribal societies in world history, such recognition is long overdue. It is surely time to end the ‘othering’ of marginalized and disenfranchised peoples who, against all odds, retain their unique cultural identity.
The International Romani Union hopes to work with a Biden-Harris Administration to build upon the progress that was made during the Obama-Biden Administration. Under President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton and Secretary Kerry consistently acknowledged International Roma Day. President Obama also appointed Roma scholar, Dr. Ethel Brooks, to the US Holocaust Memorial Council. We look forward to consulting with a Biden-Harris Administration on the future appointment of a new Roma representative to the US Holocaust Memorial Council.
The International Romani Union is confident that a Biden-Harris Administration will not stand idly by while far-right dictators and authoritarians in Europe continue a pattern of human rights abuses against the Roma. Such “politicians” and state media have exploited the COVID-19 pandemic to perpetuate the stigmatization of Roma communities
‘A human rights tragedy is unfolding while the world community turns away, either by design or distraction. Simply put, the Romani people are existing in a system of apartheid, most especially in Europe, where the situation is grave. Some of the most extreme examples of abuse inflicted upon tribal people by nation states in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic have been suffered by the Romani.’”
The IRU endorsement was acknowledged by Rachel Wallace, Special Advisor to the Vice Chair of the Biden 2020 campaign, Ambassador Catherine Russell.


The IRU has launched its campaign for the initiative “Roma Friendship Group”

As part of its planned activities, the IRU launches its campaign entitled The IRU Initiative ROMA FRIENDSHIP GROUP.
These are part of the IRU activities for this year as well as further strengthening its representative role within the international institutions. At the same time, this Initiative will be sent to all local, regional and national relevant state factors and organizations, to deepen the cooperation of the IRU with them at all possible levels.
The campaign itself states, among other things: International Roma Union - IRU is the oldest Roma international organization. The decision to use the international Roma flag, the Gelem, Gelem anthem and the celebration of International Roma Day was taken at the founding meeting of the IRU on 8 April 1971. The IRU has created all the international Roma symbols. On April 8, 2021 the IRU celebrates the 50th anniversary of its existence and function. Nowadays the IRU has 100 delegates in 55 countries around the world. For 50 years, the IRU has aimed to represent and protect the Roma community before all relevant international institutions.
Protects the Roma people around the world from all forms of negative phenomena of: ∙ discrimination ∙ hate speech ∙ segregation ∙ intolerance ∙ violence and genocide
We respect ∙ the human fundamental rights ∙ the equality between all genders ∙ the creation of favorable climate ∙ the basic democratic principles of freedom ∙ the living standard

Brasil: The Roma family Valenzuela received recognition from the city of Sao Paulo for their work so far, and the president of the IRU Zoran Dimov sent them sincere congratulations

In the letter itself, the President of the IRU Zoran Dimov says:
Thank you organizers for giving me a chance to share some words with all of you. It is such an honor for me to be part of this event, where we cherish our hard work through the years.

The IRU is the only global Roma organization. We are representatives of all Roma people. At this moment the IRU already has special IRU delegates in 55 countries. In the IRU organization the term "Roma" also includes Sinti/Manush, Calé, Kaale, Romanichals, Boyash/Rudari, Travellers, Yenish, “Gens du voyage”, as well as other groups and all persons who identify themselves as Roma. The IRU protects global cultural rights, Roma identity and valuable traditions of Roma. We are proud that the rich Roma culture is well known and appreciated.

Prior to Covid-19 pandemic, the Roma have been informal Roma entrepreneurs and livelihoods have been based on the informal economy, such as street vendors, informal recyclers, day laborers, musicians and other artists. The Roma have tried to maintain their modest standard of living under overwhelming economic pressure, without a minimum income, and have tried to act despite the risk of Covid-19 infection.

But in times like this we can see who was there for the people in need. In times like this we can finally tell that the hard work has paid off. These people, Valenzuela Family, Jovanka and Rodrigo Valenzuela have done so much for our culture and because of that we are proud, and Sao Paulo is also proud. I am so happy that today we are celebrating culture, history and rituals to our people, that we are together united as one, because that’s the way we can achieve our goals. This is an amazing opportunity to unite everybody and with this party we create job opportunities, publicizing projects that includes cultural awareness, dancing, cooking and crafting workshops, and many more so we can grow together stronger.

Thank you for your support the city of São Paulo and selfless help and congratulatons on the prize.
Mr. Zoran Dimov, President of the International Roma Union - IRU


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