IRU's reaction to the discussion on "Does the EU need Roma to recover" organized by Clara Dobrev, Vice President of the European Parliament  on Monday 25 May.


"Nothing about us without us"


IRU as the oldest and largest Roma organization represented by its about 100 Roma delegates and members from over 70 countries, reacts to European institutions (EP, EC, SE, etc.) sends its views and reaction, on the occasion of the FB discussion discussion on "Is the EU and need Roma to recover "organized by Zeljko Jovanovic, Open Society Foundation and Clara Dobrev, Vice President of the European Parliament, attended by senior officials from European institutions such as David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament, Michael Roth, Secretary of State for Europe - Germany, Sabine Verheyen, MEP, European People's Party, Petrica Dulgheru, Roma Entrepreneurship Development Initiative, Dragos Pislaru, MEP, Renew Europe, Heidi Hautala, MEP, Green Party and Vera Jourova, Vice-President of European Commission.


What surprises us in the IRU and we are deeply disappointed is that first and foremost among those invited there is not a single EU parliamentary representative of Roma and Sinti.


To all discuss, preparation and planning work during this Covid-19 crisis which closely related to the title of the topic "Does the EU Need Roma to Recover" it is absolutely necessary to involve Roma representatives when discussing economic, social and cultural rights of Roma, especially when discussing about Roma funds.


Today's opportunity was primarily a major underestimation of the capacity of the three EU parliamentarians from the Roma community - Lívia Járóka, Petar Pollak and Romeo Franz.


According to the information received, the IRU has learned that the priority of the debate will be a 1.2 trillion euro budget for the coming years, and that part of those funds will be taken from the budget targeted to Roma.


To remind of such cursive questions, it is necessary to participate in the debate of Roma representatives, including our IRU. It has the capacity and human resources to participate equally in such debates. There are other relevant Roma organizations such as IRU, ERTF, ERGO, ERIO, IREM, ERNC, PENJALIPE, KATIF,RIP, and others.


What is the reason for this "selectivity" in the selection of discussants without Roma background is debatable.


We would not like to prejudge, but the IRU notes that it is very important to find out, as some sources say, why 1.1 billion euros this year, of which 700 million euros from the funds were converted for other purposes, and where the remaining 400 million euros out of the total 1.1 billion euros for which every trace is lost, but with the blessing of the European Parliament and the European Commission.


Finally, our reaction to the debate is to raise the issue of the proposed EU draft laws. It would be good for the Roma representatives in the European Parliament who, through these draft laws, demand an end to discrimination against Roma and greater EU commitment to civil rights of European Roma, and also not to exclude Roma international organizations such as IRU, ERTF, ERGO, ERIO and others.


As a reminder, the IRU has already prepared and sent IRU Statement to EP and IRU Initiative to EC through its MEPs, which is closely linked and shows some measures in the action plans with a target in the Roma Strategy.


We sincerely believe that these suggestions and reactions will be realize with a cooperation and that in the future we Roma will not be "forgotten".




With respect

Zoran Dimov

President of the IRU

IRU President Zoran Dimov met with the director of the Skopje Investigative Prison Esad Rahic and the health condition of Roma prisoners during the KOVID 19 pandemic.

At the height of the pandemic with KOVID 19 that rules the world, the President of the International Roma Union - IRU Zoran Dimov, showed interest to see the situation in prisons in RS Macedonia, namely the situation with Roma prisoners at the height of the pandemic.


For that purpose, a meeting was initiated with one of the heads of these penitentiary institutions with Esad Rahic, director of the Investigative Prison - Skopje, which is publicly known as "Shutka" Prison.

At the meeting, IRU President Zoran Dimov was interested in the treatment of Roma detainees in this prison, as well as whether all health protocols for their protection against coronavirus have been taken into account.


Director Rahic noted that they as an institution have taken all the steps, and apply all the recommendations of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Macedonia, for greater protection of the detainees in the Shutka Prison, including the Roma protégés, so far Fortunately, no serious omissions were reported.


As for the treatment and protection against discrimination and respect for the rights of prisoners, Rahic noted that it is the most open and transparent and that the institution is taking all measures to protect against these phenomena.

During the conversation, Zoran Dimov also had an informal meeting with some of the prisoners - Romi, he was interested in their treatment, where he heard their views.


They noted that for the most part they are respected, and that the prison service headed by Director Rahic often meets some of their demands.


The conclusion of this meeting was that Zoran Dimov will continue to closely monitor the situation with this category of citizens and that both possible anomalies and domestic institutions for the protection of human rights and freedoms will be informed about any possible anomalies.

Democracy in IRU to be promoted through Equality Team (ET)

The largest and oldest International Roma Organization - IRU in its strategy and plan has decided to promote the novelty of the spread of democracy and pluralism within the organization and beyond. At the suggestion of the Roma Council of London, Great Britain, Patrick Jones, Roger Lee, Khurram Khan, Verandra Rishi and others set out to lay the foundations for democracy and equality within the organization itself.

The team that developed the concept of ET were the members of IRU: Marja Eronen from Finland, Agush Demirovski from Switzerland, Khurram Khan from Pakistan, Rosita Grönfors and Ajten Berlafa from Sweden, Ramush Muarem from North Macedonia, Verandra Rishi from India, Arthur Quick from Russia, Radmila Nesic from Serbia, Halilovic Graciano from Italy, Maria Rubia from Spain and Nellie Marx from USA.

IT envisions and is aimed at taking a step towards building a recognizable mandate for the Roma nation, which will increase the legitimacy, responsibility and political influence of the Roma representation.

In addition to increasing the membership of the IRU, the policies of ET are also aimed nominitation and actions at the election commission - inside and outside.

Election Documents, Voters List: Local, National, and Global Voters List, Voter Register, Candidate Register, Special List of Candidates for President of the IRU, Vice Presidents, President of the Parliament of the IRU, Vice Presidents, Heads of Commissions, Secretary General, Treasurer and other important functions. Note: the IRU Cabinet will have 21 members.

At the same time, alternative action models will be implemented, such as: strategies, individual implementation or phased approach, complement implementation and one-time conversion.

If you want to see the functioning of the ET team, you can see it on the IRU website -

IRU: UN forecasts a 3.2 percent drop in the world economy in 2020, threatening Roma with even greater poverty

The International Roma Union (IRU), during the pandemic with COVID 19, is making efforts to help Roma cope with the situation. One of the biggest problems is from an economic point of view. Otherwise, IRU has ECOSOC in the UN, and thus is directly involved in that segment of socio-economic status.

But according to the IRU, the UN's forecasts for the world economy for 2020 are not optimistic.

The United Nations estimates that the world economy will fall by 3.2 percent this year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, most notably the Great Depression of the 1930s.

That means about 34.3 million people are likely to fall below the extreme poverty line, including Roma.

The UN predicts that an additional 130 million people could be in extreme poverty by 2030.

In order to avoid these black scenarios, the IRU and its Economic Commission will intensively look for alternatives in coordination with the UN and the joint offices in New York, Geneva and Vienna to mitigate the forecasts, and at the same time to take a set of measures and strategies. between the UN and the IRU, and to amortize this whole situation in the coming period.

IRU reacts: Marcelo Zuinisi from Associazione Nazione Rom from Italy, has never been a member of IRU and must not use the name of IRU

It is well known that the situation with COVID 19 around the world is worrying and alarming. Here, including the Roma community as one of the most vulnerable communities in this pandemic. Italy is also known to face unprecedented disasters.


It is a sign and an alarm that the EU needs to be more actively involved in dealing with these situations, and especially related to the Roma. The IRU, as one of the largest international organizations in the world, through its membership makes efforts to alleviate or amortize this situation to some extent. But there are also people who, knowing the chaotic situation, may want some personal benefit and satisfaction for personal or group upliftment.


It is noticeable that social networks promote and carry out a wide-ranging campaign to raise funds by Marcelo Zuiniisi, who presents himself as the president of Associazione Nazione Rom from Italy. It is alarming that Zuiniisi himself has repeatedly involved the International Roma Union - IRU as an organization that stands behind his actions and is part of the IRU.


The IRU strongly condemns and denies all allegations made by Marcelo Zuiniisi and notes that he has never been a member or part of the IRU. The IRU also denies allegations that self-proclaimed IRU member Melissa Gunasen from N.Ireland, who is closely cooperating with Marcelo, has never been or is a member of the IRU before. At the same time, the IRU wants to deny its member and veteran from London, Grattan Puxon, that the IRU has formed its own Executive Committee that indirectly supports Marcelo's actions. In order for the public to be better acquainted with the IRU for this crisis, it has established its own Crisis Staff, which acts and cooperates with the European institutions and the MEP Livia Jaroka.


So that Executive Committee that emphasizes Gratan Pukson and works with Marcelo and Melissa has nothing to do with IRU or IRU activities, and wants and strongly rejects those arguments, so as not to create public confusion.


The same was emphasized by MEP Livia Jaroka herself, who emphasized that she cooperates only with Zoran Dimov and his IRU, and in no case with characters and profiles such as Marcelo, Melissa and the like.

IRU at debate in Roma News: IRU is an organization that fights for Roma in international institutions

On May 13, 2020, a debate took place on the web portal "Roma News" via live streaming with part of the Cabinet of the International Roma Union - IRU, which informed the public about the actions and plans when it comes to the Roma Nation anywhere in the world.


Guests at the Debate were: Zoran Dimov, President of the IRU, then the Vice Presidents of the IRU Rosita Gronforce from Sweden, Ajten Berafla from Denmark, the IRU Consultant from Finland Marja Eronen, the Russian representative of the IRU Angelika Orlova and the US Representatives from the IRU Sean Wiskarson and Marck Antony, Anatoly Butakov IRU representative from Mexico and Ramush Muarem from North Macedonia.

Occasionally, Stefano Kuzicov from Sweden and Rishi Verandra from India also joined.


During the debate, each of the representatives at the very beginning introduced themselves and explained their part of the activities in the IRU, and at the same time with which problems the Roma community in the countries where the IRU members come from is most noticeable.


At the same time, the President of the IRU Zoran Dimov explained that the IRU as an organization acts and sends recommendations, declarations, resolutions and other important documents on behalf of the IRU to a number of European and other international institutions. It is emphasized that the IRU is fighting institutionally to raise cooperation and perception to a higher level when it comes to the Roma community anywhere in the world.


During the debate, representatives of the IRU from several countries explained that the IRU is not a humanitarian organization or foundation that allocates funds for project activities, which misleads most people into thinking that the IRU is a kind of humanitarian organization.

The fact is that the IRU acts more from an institutional or political point of view, and is based on the preparation of plans and strategies, as well as a logistical framework for its implementation.


At the same time, it was explained that the IRU also works as a team, jointly where democratic law is preferred and in that direction a team of Equality - ET was created and formed, and that in the middle of the pandemic with KOVID 19 iru initiated and submitted a Resolution to the European Parliament. by taking action to protect the Roma community.


Summarizing the point of this debate, the IRU did its best to present in a short time only a small part of its efforts and activities, as well as some of the plans and strategies they create for their future action.


At the same time, the IRU sent an appeal to all who think well of the Roma community, regardless of which region they come from, to freely join the IRU and with their ideas or proposals, where many quality solutions can emerge, and therefore the IRU opens its doors to all progressive people.

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