30 years since the shooting of Nicolae and Elena Causescu: Bloody Christmas execution

It is 30 years since the shooting of Romanian dictator Nicolai and his wife Elena Causescu, who were shot dead at Christmas on December 25, 1989, by military court.


Nicolas Causescu had been president of Romania from 1965 until his death in 1989, when he was shot. The trial and execution of the sentence were recorded with a video camera. High-speed footage circulated the world, and Romanian television showed it a few days later.


In the boiling atmosphere, it was difficult to decide what Causescu's fate and his wife would be. The decision was to make it to the military court. On December 24, military helicopters flew to Trgoviste in Defense Minister Stankulescu, Colonels Gica Popa and Ion Nestor, as well as military prosecutor Dan Voinea, a clerk, lawyer, two cameramen and a captain with 8 soldiers.


A few years later, Nicolas Causescu's tomb became a meeting place for his followers, some of whom nowadays complain about him. Almost half of Romanians think Nicolae Causescu was a political figure who has played a positive role in Romanian history.

Alina Serban actress of Gipsy Queen

Clobbering its way into Tallinn Black Nights’ main competition, Hüseyin Tabak’s Gipsy Queen  might not be the boxing movie to end them all, but it still holds its own, for the most part.


This is mainly thanks to Roma actress Alina Serban’s intensity – and her ability to take a punch or two when required – here cast as thirty-something Ali, who has been disowned by her father and is introduced to us screaming in pain as she is about to give birth to her second child.


Forced to do whatever it takes to feed her two kids (with scenes of their misery interestingly portrayed through child-like drawings), after a while,


Ali works out a bearable routine: doing odd jobs and sharing a flat with another woman (Irina Kurbanova as a wannabe performer with moves straight from Kill Bill), as nobody would rent to Roma people.


She all but forgets about her promising past, until she gets a new gig in a nightclub – hiding an underground boxing ring in its midst.

Alara - child, discriminated and expelled from school in Kocani

From the political magazine "Scene" of Civil Media we separate their story of an event related to discrimination.


The mother of the young Alara Rustemova, says the teacher Ljupco Gorgiev in the elementary school "Rade Kratovce" in Kocani, mistreated her daughter, beat her with a laminar, repeatedly yelled and discriminated against her on ethnic grounds.


"He told the teacher that he was vomiting, he was saying 'hey don't do me gypsy stuff', and from that day my daughter was scared, she was crying all the time and didn't want to go to school," says mother Esma Rustemova.


The mother says teacher Gorgiev reported the misconduct to the school's principal, Blagoj Davitkov, but instead of being heard and taking any action against the teacher, she claims she was brazenly expelled from the office.


The headmaster of the Rade Kratovce Primary School, Blagoj Davitkov, dismisses the allegation that teacher Georgiev abused the student Alara, and cited a teacher who helps a student with special needs in the same class.


Journalist Dehran Muratov





Serbian police search 'Malchani barber' for suspected kidnapping

Police suspect Ninoslav Jovanovic, nicknamed "Malchan Barber", is suspected of abducting a 12-year-old girl near Nis. He was last seen in the vicinity of Knjazevac, police say.


After days of intense search in the village of Malcha, police have revealed the identity of a man suspected of abducting a 12-year-old girl from the Nis area.


It is about a multiple returnee and a man who was jailed for crimes of kidnapping and rape.


Police say he was last seen in the area around Knjazevac, attaching two photos and calling on citizens if they have any information about his movement and to call 192 and 018 / 522-982 alike.


It is a reminder that 12-year-old Monika Karimanovic disappeared on December 20 in the morning around 07:20 on the way to school. Since then, every trace has been lost.

Police and gendarmerie are intensely searching, and hunters and citizens have joined in today.



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