At the end of October, the realization of the team for the documentary "Sky, Wheel, Land" is soon to begin. The first destination is the Russian Federation !

Soon the first clip for the documentary "Sky, Wheel, Land" will begin. Under the agreement of the team that will produce this documentary, that start is scheduled for the final week of October 2019, with the Russian Federation shooting first in Moscow and the surrounding area.

The documentary covers the history of the Roma from 1500 years ago to the present day.

In the second stage, in addition to the Russian Federation, shootings are planned in Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria.

A plan to record the dynamics is planned for November in the Indian subcontinent.

Filming in Spain, Portugal, France, Britain, as well as Germany, Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Austria and finally the US and Brazil will be the final destination.

The team responsible for the realization of this documentary project are: Zoran Dimov - producer, Kosta Markovski - director, Ramush Muarem - Cirko as screenwriter, lead narrator and actor Bajram Severdjan - Dr Koljo, and a technical team of filmmakers, Erhan Demir, Ferdi Osman and Bajram Iseni.

Roma integration in Slovakia

For the 2014-2020 period, Slovakia will receive €9.5 billion from the European Social Fund (ESF) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Of this, around €400 million can be used for social inclusion measures and fighting poverty.
EU funding is not earmarked for specific groups of people, such as the Roma.

Slovakia is using EU funding to help its Roma community of around 500,000 (9% of the population).

Slovakia's national Roma integration strategy addresses poverty and social exclusion in Roma communities. It focuses on education, employment, health and housing.

There is a special emphasis on changing people's attitudes towards Roma communities.

Saleswoman (38) stabs passengers on subway - racist motives?

The Berlin Public Prosecutor's Office accuses Denise H. (38) of racist motives. She would have called the passengers "shit gypsies" before. "Hatred and Aversion to Sinti and Roma" comes under the term "antiziganism".

This is not only racist, but as a motive for a knife attack a low motivation and thus murder.

District Court, Room 537. Tattooed eyebrows, henna ponytail - that's how Denise H. sits in the dock. She usually sells roasted almonds on fairgrounds.

The images from the surveillance cameras in the subway line 6 from March 30, 2019 shortly before Rehberge (Wedding) prove it: Apparently out of the blue, she sets off on three Romanians. Strikes. Pull a knife out of the bag and stab it.

Maria G. (49) is hit in the thigh and neck, her brother-in-law Veorel M. (47) under the armpit.


Naples, childhood denied to Roma children: forced to rummage through the bins

Scenes of childhood denied in the heart of ancient Naples. For several weeks now, as the citizens of the neighborhood have denounced on several occasions, groups of nomad children roam around Forcella, rummaging through the bins in search of materials to be recovered for the infamous rubbish markets.

In the vast majority of cases they are children no more than ten years old, almost always dressed in rags, who climb among the mountains of rubbish in the shade of the heavy scaffolding that reminds of the 1980 earthquake and which represent a thorny problem for a neighborhood in full revival in a tourist perspective.

According to the reconstructions of the residents the children would be accompanied to the first lights of the dawn then then to be picked up again in the afternoon. Armed with large plastic bags, they collect the recoverable materials without disdaining to ask alms from the many passing tourists.

Particularly "welcome" are the clothing and electronic items that are sold for a few cents in the rubbish bin market at Porta Nolana. The famous free trade area, ventilated by Palazzo San Giacomo as a solution to social and urban degradation is, at the moment, still a chimera.




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