What is the meaning of Kali Sara - the Roma saint!

Kali Sara is a mythical patron of the Roma people whose center of renovation is located in the town of Sen-Mari-de-la-Mer, located southeast of France, in the Provence-Alpes region. Cote d'Azur. Here in this city on the Mediterranean coast, every year, Roman pilgrims gather to celebrate it by ritual bathing in the sea.

According to numerous legends during the persecution of Christians, probably in the 42nd day of our age Lazarus with his sisters Mary and Martha of Bethany, then with Mary Salom (where the Eastern Orthodox Church celebrates her only as Salome), the mother of the apostle John and James with a boat fled Palestine and arrived safely on the south coast of Sen-Mari-de-la-Mer.

By some versions this legend was accompanied by Kali Sara who was a servant, and in another version not only a maid but also a native of Upper Egypt. Another tradition says that Kali Sarah was already there and welcomed the Three Marys as the daughter of a tribal Gauls chief who allegedly saved them from the tide.
It was first reported in the 13th century, and Sarah is mentioned for the first time in 1521 in the book of the legends of the Saints, where she is portrayed as a charity who helps people through begging and is therefore believed to be she was a Roma.

That is why the Roma themselves have accepted it as their saint where every 24th of May they come to this place carrying her statue to the sea where they symbolically symbolize her arrival on that shore.

The young Jovan Stevic from Cacak is a genius, but unfortunately with a difficult fate!

Jovan Stevic, 19, from Cacak is known as a mathematical genius who lives with his single mother Snezana Mijailovic who is ill.

This guy has an IQ of between 140 and 150, and over 30 diplomas from various competitions and an excellent average at school but unfortunately no help from anyone to live better.
Stevic is now a freshman at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade. But unfortunately, this brilliant mind, until he starts his studies in Belgrade, sells popcorn on the streets of Cacak to raise money to buy food and have a pocket money.

At the same time, he asked the executors to pay the rent and utilities in several installments so that he would not be thrown out into the street with his severely ill mother who was out of work.

Nevertheless, she strives to be calm and smiling and to think about beautiful things and to forget about her problems. All he has achieved in life is thanks to his mother Snow White who did his best to educate him.
At the same time, it does not deviate from its goals to advance and improve as it is noted that the enrolled faculty of economics is one of its main goals.


How does Zagreb look at the Dervishes of this city?

For the most secret in a private house in Zagreb, the Dervishes performed their ritual. Twenty Roma, members of the old Islamic fraternity, tirelessly danced all night long in religious fervor. And the main dervish battled needles, knives and swords.

In this way, one of the Croatian media describes the semen in a Zagreb municipality where the Dervishes celebrated the 27th night of Ramadan fasting, the day Allah lowered his mercy among believers, known as Leyle tu Kadr.

The journalists themselves notice all the moments and the atmosphere that is happening in the semen. Needle-punching, for journalists, the mystical prayer, as well as the respect of the faithful who show it to the main Sheih.

They explain stabbing without pain, as they say they have no explanation.
According to them, this parapsychological moment explains prof. Dr. Nenad Moachanin from the History Department of the Faculty of Philosophy says that the dervish ritual and scoring ritual is the level of the dervish lifestyle. That means prayers and some hand movements that lead to ecstasy where the pain is not felt and despite the stinging there is no blood.

Moacanin says that this parapsychological phenomenon, science has no explanation.
The text also mentions that in the years that have passed, Americans have literally gone crazy to be part of the Dervishes. But unlike others, American dervishes, as is well known, do not practice a lot of needle punching.

Nane nabukjarno dive bašo Kurban Bajram, soske perel ko Kurko!

Akava berš o baro islamsko barodive Kurban Bajram si ko 11 avgust -Kurko!

Ko kalendari tari republika Utarali makedonia, o Ministeriumi baši sociala akcentirinel kaj o kurko si bibukjarno dive sebepi o barodive Kurban Bajram.

Akalea sikavdo si bari diskriminacia aso o islamsko preperutne ki them soske si lendo lenge o niami te ovel olen bibukjarno dive ko barodive.

Saste si pendžarde kaj dži kote desavo barodive perel ko Kurko, sar bibukjarno si notirime o aver avbutno dive - Palokurko.

Egzamplo odoleske si o religisko barodive - Veligdano - Patradi, so sako drom si ko Kurko, em odoleske o Palokurko si notirime sar bibukjarno dive.

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