Stateless Roma in the Republic of Northern Macedonia on the move to resolving their status

At the beginning of this year, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia formally joined the 1961 Convention on the Reduction of Homelanders, joining a group of 74 states that have committed themselves to taking action to eliminate this phenomenon on its territory. The Patriots are a group of citizens who have not regulated their citizenship status.

Many Roma in SR Macedonia have not yet been granted citizenship status because they do not have birth certificate and other personal documents.

According to the information, about 574 persons in the Republic of Macedonia are at risk of deaths, of which 298 do not have birth certificates or identification documents. Remained long-term citizens of Macedonia with indefinite citizenship. Of the total number of stateless people 77% are Roma.

European Commission Seeks Advice: How to Help Roma in the Education Process?

It is an activity where the focus is on education, lifelong learning and professional development where ESF supported it from 2014 to 2018.

The public consultation will take place via an online questionnaire posted on the Web site, and the opportunity to be completed by 24 February 2020.
All citizens or organizations can take part in the initiative.
Feedback will be part of an assessment of the current state of the support program and a starting point for its improvement in the coming period.

ESF's current support is for education and training of Roma children and youth aimed at improving their access to quality preschool and school education, reducing their drop-out rates, enhancing quality of education and supporting secondary and tertiary education. .

The application form for this process can be found HERE

How to get to Germany from March 1, 2020?

Thousands of workers eagerly await March 1. From March 1 in Germany, the new rules on the qualification of skilled labor force come into force.


The good news in the new law is the abolition of the criterion that a company must first try to find a person in Germany or the European Union, and only then hire a candidate outside the EU.


The great news is that candidates with vocational qualifications if they have adequate knowledge of German and if they have a guarantee of support will be able to come to Germany in six months to look for work.


There are currently about 1.4 million vacancies in Germany. The most scarce staff are healthcare professionals, doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, IT professionals, engineers and craftsmen in the construction industry, followed by aviation, mechatronics, electrical, energy technology and many more.


Persons older than 45 years should also be offered a contract of employment with a certain minimum wage or proof of guaranteed subsistence funds.


Persons under the age of 25 with a secondary education will be able to stay in Germany for a maximum of six months in order to apply for further vocational training.

There are no new passport appointments to overcome the problem

The Travel Document Scheduling System will be out of service until a solution is found to overcome the problem of lack of templates for these personal documents.


This was stated by the technical interior minister Nake Shulev, who emphasized that the Ministry of Interior is investigating to find the responsibility for this problem.

- The problem with personal documents, IDs and driving licenses has been overcome. But travel documents remain the problem and are the result of poor planning, omissions and late orders.


He pointed out that so far 16,500 applications for travel documents have been submitted on a regular basis, and the MI has 3,600 more forms available. Urgent requests that are about 650 will be processed.


Shulev emphasized that until this problem is overcome there will be no application for travel documents either in regular or urgent manner.


The Minister also stressed that the issue will be re-opened at a government session in order to overcome the problem as soon as possible.

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