Alina Serban: Tackling anti-Roma racism through theatre

Roma activist, actress, director and playright Alina Serban has been performing excerpts of her one woman play in Paris. Now she plans to adapt the play that was first performed in New York a decade ago to challenge racist attitudes towards Roma people in France.

Wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with "I'm Roma, but I won't steal your children," Alina Serban bursts on stage for her first ever performance in French.

Serban wrote the play, "I declare at my own risk" while studying acting for a semester in New York a decade ago. It deals with her turbulent childhood in Bucharest.
"Unfortunately, after communism ended we lost our house when I was eight...then my life really changed when we went to live with my uncle in a traditional Roma yard," Serban explained.

Roma people make up the largest minority in Europe. There are around 11 million Roma worldwide, the majority live in Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.



Forum "Challenges and Opportunities for Roma Children and Youth" - Roma children will be included in state-run kindergartens

The inclusion of Roma in quality pre-school education and in the educational process and creating conditions for employment was the topic of the recent held forum "Challenges and opportunities for children and young Roma" as part of the regional project "Increased educational opportunities for students and young Roma in the Western Balkans and Turkey"

Only 30 percent of children in the Republic of Northern Macedonia are included in pre-school education, which means a smaller number of Roma children included (2.1 percent).

Therefore, it has been decided to increase the capacities for admitting Roma children to kindergartens, if human capital is respected as a state. All Roma children, systematically, will be included in the kindergartens and it will be financed by the state.

This is a great start for system education, for which there is full support from all key stakeholders in the country and we are monitored by the international community

Arrested criminal group from Bulgaria: Arrested Roma to beg in Sweden

Nine people have been arrested in the village of Drenovets in northwestern Bulgaria, in the action of the police aimed at preventing organized crime and deprived of this crime criminal group dealing with human trafficking, money laundering and begging, the deputy chief Bulgarian prosecutor Ivan Hashev.

As noted by the evidence, the criminal group dealt with the coercion of begging and headquartered in Sweden, where people were sent to beggary, and the arrested persons are connected with these developments, the Bulgarian BTA news agency reports.

The authorities in Sweden have been informed about the arrests, the investigation and the next steps, Geshev said.


To what extent do high school graduates and parents: How much is spent on a solemn evening - matura

The maters just did not start, and preparations are underway. How Much Money Is Needed For One Night?

Three hundred euros - for some on average, enough money to mark the prom night, and for other minimal budget just for make-up and dress.

Judging by the exchanges of internet forums, the average price per person for celebrating matura is 20 euros for the hotel and another 17 euros for the discotheque after the ceremony.
The most important part seems to be the wardrobe. For a high school graduate, the cheapest cost is 50 euros in a shop in downtown Skopje.

The shirt and the cow are purchased for between 25 euros and 50 euros, and on average so do the shoes. All in all, a hotel and a discotheque make up about 150 euros denars to pass cheaply. On the other hand, it costs a "branded" jacket.

With 65 euros denars for a dress, 35 euros for formal shoes and 25 euros for a hairstyle, the lowest marks can pass. Everything about a schoolgirl who ends secondary requires about 170 euros. So much money is needed for a "more dedicated" makeup, a haircut based on cosmetic treatment, not taking into account clothes and expenses for a hotel and a disco.

Let's not forget the relatives - to celebrate the closest ones in a cafeteria, the average cost is from 100 euros to 330 euros per night.

But what motivates the proud parents to spend one to two average monthly salaries for one night, in order to mark the success of a child who has finished not high, not high but high school?

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