Is there a misuse of funds allocated to Roma in Tuzla

As a reminder, this summer Nexhat Jusic as a councilor at the Tuzla City Assembly spoke of misuse of funds earmarked for Roma and handed over that documentation to the Tuzla City Prosecutor's Office.

He says there has been no feedback so far. The prosecution noted that the processing of information was nearing completion.

"It takes another ten days for the information to be prepared. As soon as we have all the information, Mr. Jusic will be sent with feedback, "the prosecution said.

Otherwise, Jusic back in June this year provided them with material evidence of abuse of funds and corrupt practices during the implementation of Roma housing projects.

ZDF aired a documentary on the history of Sinti and Roma in Germany

The documentary discusses, among other things, how the Roma and Sinti people lived 75 years ago and the resistance to the threat of extinction in the so-called. "Auschwitz Roma camp", and on the night of August 2, 1944 when they were killed in the gas chambers.

German television ZDF History aired in late October a documentary on the life of Roma and Sinti people in this country, where they interviewed people from the living life, Roma activists and other representatives of the Roma community who presented their personal experiences in the fight against prejudice in an interesting way.

There is one part where, as a young representative of the Reinhardt music dynasty, Dotschy Reinhardt talks about the fate of his family. Also Rita Vowe-Trollmann remembers her father the boxer "Rukeli", whom the Nazis simply took away from the title - a state champion because of "non-German" boxing.


Great Britain: Roma and Traveller communities still face racism and xenophobia.

Roma and Traveller communities face some of the greatest inequalities in our society. Earlier this year, the Women and Equalities Committee published a damning report pointing to the collective failures of successive governments to tackle these inequalities.

This is paired with repeated failures to invest in site provision for authorised encampments, furthering marginalisation.

We’re alarmed at steps that will not only entrench this position in society, but criminalise it.
A Home Office proposal to ramp up police powers regarding trespass would have a devastating impact.

The police already have ample powers to deal with the issues the Home Office claims to be concerned about, such as property damage, noise and littering. It also neglects to address the main cause of unauthorised encampments – the government’s failure to identify land for sites and stopping. Rather than tackle endemic social inequalities, the government is looking to criminalise activities caused by its own lack of action. 

Just as alarming, the language used by the Home Office at the launch of a consultation on these powers was divisive and dehumanising, and has no place in our society. 


Germany celebrates: Three decades since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the symbol of division between East and West

Germany marks an important, great day in its new history. One of the European Union's leading countries celebrates the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, a symbol of the Cold War's division of the country into a communist east and capitalist west.

The concrete wall, which stretched for 155 kilometers in length and constituted a border between East and West Germany, was built in 1961. Its function, apart from the territorial separation of the two, ideologically opposing blocks, was also to prevent the escape of the labor force and political dissenters.

The wall, besides the physical division of Berlin, also closed the western part of the city. It is estimated that 140 people including border guards were killed while trying to escape through the wall.

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