Five Romani men and women are running in Czech elections to the lower house, one for ANO, two for the Greens, two for ultranationalist party

At least five Romani men and women are running this year in the elections to the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic; news server has reviewed the candidate lists for each political group published on, the Czech Statistical Office's official website tracking elections, and identified the candidates who are known to be Romani there. One Romani man, Marcel Ščuka, is running for the currently-governing ANO movement, while two other Romani candidates, Anna Chválová and Emil Voráč, are running for the Green Party, and two Romani candidates are running for the "Freedom and Direct Democracy" movement of Tomio Okamura. 

The elections will be held on 8 and 9 October. A total of 22 electoral groupings have submitted their candidate lists for the elections to the Chamber of Deputies this year. 



Netherlands unveils memorial to Holocaust victims with names of 102 000 Jews, Roma and Sinti murdered by the Nazis

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA) reports that the National Holocaust Names Memorial (Nationaal Holocaust Namenmonument) has been officially unveiled in Amsterdam after the resolution of legal disputes that lasted several years. King Willem-Alexander attended the ceremonial unveiling in person.

The memorial was designed by Daniel Libeskind, a Polish-American architect, and it was initiated by the Netherlands Auschwitz Committee (Nederlands Auschwitz Comité). It is the first memorial to include the names of all 102 000 Jews, Roma and Sinti from the Netherlands who were murdered during the Second World War by the Nazis. Financed mostly by donations, the memorial is located in Amsterdam's city center, near the Jewish Quarter. It is built of brick walls past which visitors walk.



Czech town sees 6 000 people attend Romfest in runup to elections, Romani figures explained the importance of voting and warned against ultranationalists

About 6 000 men and women, most of them Romani, gathered on Sunday, 19 September for a Romani festival in the Czech town of Ústí nad Labem. In addition to musical performances on the stage of an outdoor movie theater, Romani figures took turns reminding those present of the importance of next month's elections to the Chamber of Deputies, and attendees could also get vaccinated against COVID-19 with the Janssen vaccine from Johnson & Johnson.

The enormous interest in the festival surprised one of the main organizers of the event, Jaroslav Miko. "We were optimistic, but such a big turnout of more than 6 000 people we never anticipated," he said, adding that he hopes people mainly came away from the event with information about the elections that they will spread further within their own families.



O Roma notirinena kaj registririnena len sar Albancia thaj Turklie

Roma hramojme sar albancia, turklie. Makedoncia em si resie upral i romani jekhin o civilno asociacia Avaja alarmirinela ko seriozno anomalie ko implementiriba e popiseske. O popišuvačia vakeren kaj ko hramojbaskere grafe nane etnikani jekhin  Rom/Romani, a ko abro numero komune o Roma na sine ni pučle etnikane preperibaske. Tari asociacia apeliririnena dži ko institui urgentno te len konsekvence upral akala but manipulacie, Taro monitoringo ko teren majbut naregularnostia notirime si ko Tetovo, Debar, Kičevo, Veles, Strumica, Radoviš. Ko skopjakere komune kote si romani populacia ko trin dives sar ka nakhel akaja operacia i operacia hramosaribe panda na startujngja, Tari Avaja avdive si bihavde em reakcia dži ko presidenti e themake, remieri o ministeri jurisdikciake, em dži ko diplomatikane ofisia an i them sar so si OBSE thaj Eurostat.


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