Burning waste to survive!

A Roma family who settled in makeshift dwellings under the bridge at the Railway Station burns everything and the surrounding air stinks of rubber and plastic.

The Inspectorate of the City of Skopje today obliged the PE "Communal Hygiene" the space to be completely cleaned and the persons found on site to be immediately taken care of.

- I live nearby. Every day at least ten places along the trail here the Roma burn everything and they choke us. So for years. We must put an end to this anarchy - say the citizens.

The living space is full of plastic, tires, cables and cartons. Although they know that it pollutes the environment, the Roma admit they burn waste.

- What should we do. We burn waste to survive - they say.

The Inspectorate of the City of Skopje today obliged PE "Communal Hygiene" the space under the Railway Station to be completely cleaned.

Traffic fines are reduced! It will cost from 15 to 250 euros

At the last session, the Government adopted proposals and amendments to a series of laws under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Interior to comply with the previously adopted Law on Misdemeanors.

These penalties alignments with the Law on Road Traffic Safety provide for significant reductions in penalties and will amount to EUR 15 to 250 as the highest limit, except for life-threatening offenses that remain the same and the mandatory payment order is abolished. all payment orders will be misdemeanor.

Apart from the penal provisions, the participation of electric trams in traffic is also regulated in order to protect those who drive them, but also to protect citizens with provisions that mean determining the place of movement of trotters, the age limit for driving these types of vehicles. , as well as the obligation to use protective equipment.

Subotica: Showdown between Roma at Subotica market, one killed, injures

A fight broke out between several Roma families on the Subotica market yesterday afternoon, and an elderly 62-year-old man was killed and two injured in a physical altercation. There was the same continuation of the fight in the courtyard of the Subotica hospital

Unofficially, the incident happened around 11:30 am.

Two more people were reportedly injured in the hospital hallway due to stab wounds, but are out of danger.

Police are on site and are investigating the incident.


Naser sleeps literally in the street with his wife and toddler: I beg people here, nobody helps me.

Naser Abazovski is a child who grew up in an orphanage in Skopje. Today Naser has a wife and a baby, but Naser's situation is more than worrying.

Naser sleeps in the street with his wife and child who has jaundice by the way. Nasser has nowhere to live, and the state turns his back on him.

As Naser told the media, he repeatedly addressed Minister Mila Carovska, but so far she has not done anything.

- Minister Mila Carovska to take measures, responsibility, not to play with people. I beg people here, nobody helps me.

I ask the state for help for this girl I fight, I am on the street 24 hours a day, I have no income, I am claiming my right like everyone else.

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