Tablets for Roma students from the Prilep school "Dobre Jovanoski"

 Thirty Roma students in the Prilep primary school "Dobre Jovanoski" were given 30 tablets, smart devices with 10 GB of internet. The donor is the Roma Education Fund, and the project holder is the non-governmental organization "Sonce - Tetovo", in cooperation with the Prilep partner, the organization "Roma Perspective". According to Redzep Ali Cupi, director of the Roma Education Fund, in March he set up an emergency fund to assist in the educational process in 16 countries. 640 such tablets are distributed in Macedonia. Uncertainty about how the new school year will start creates a need to be prepared.

In the municipality of Suto Orizari as of July 27, 2020, 120 active cases of coronavirus are infected

The Ministry of Health informs that in the last 24 hours 1025 tests were performed, and 128 new cases of covid-19 were registered, of which in Skopje today its number is 52. Thus, in the capital the number of infected is 4660, of which 1876 are active

By municipalities in Skopje, the largest number is in the municipality of Cair - 265. As for the number of infected in the Roma municipality of Suto Orizari, their number is - 120.

After the alarming call by the mayor of Suto Orizari Kurto Dudush that the situation is really alarming and it is necessary for all citizens to work on their awareness, not to group, gather in groups and maintain social distance. An appeal was also sent for the use of protective masks and disinfection and maintenance of hygiene.

What does the "Great Raid" law against Roma in 17th century Spain mean?

The Great Raid is one of the darkest periods in Spain's history and marks the culmination of Roma persecution. It is perhaps one of the oldest forms of persecution of Roma in universal history. It represented only one line of continuity in the process of political and legal management of the Roma issue on the territory of Spain. Specifically, the state wants to exterminate the Roma with all its might.

Knowing that a similar law barring residence in Spain had failed in Portugal, it was agreed to carry out a "biological extermination," and so in June.

In 1749 he planned a raid to gather large numbers of Roma of all ages on the basis of a law passed in 1745.

It all happened under the protection of King Fernando XV.

The Great Raid, also known as the General Prison for the Roma, began in chronological order throughout Spain at midnight on July 30, 1749. The year with the arrest of all Roma throughout Spain.

Between 9,000 and 12,000 Roma of all ages were arrested that night.

The most unfortunate of all is that this "Great Raid" is a fact that the Roma do not know at all, and the Spanish government ignores it.

Deutsche Welle: The new measures for entering Germany will also apply to passengers coming from Macedonia

Passengers arriving in Germany from high-risk countries will have to agree to be tested at German airports. Anyone wishing to enter Germany from a country considered high-risk for the coronavirus could face testing of Covid-19 upon arrival at the airport, the German health minister has decided.

Northern Macedonia, for example, is considered a high-risk country, and the new measure will cover Macedonian citizens. In addition, the measure will apply to German citizens returning from vacation from high-risk countries.

Airports are concerned about the proposal and are urging authorities to conduct the testing themselves, not to leave it to airport officials.

"If the health authorities order a quick test of any kind, then let them do it themselves," the German Association of Airports said in a statement.

"Then a decision must be made and how passengers who test positive will be treated."

Bavarian Prime Minister Marcus Zeder announced on Sunday that authorities in the province were working to set up test centers at airports where "everyone can be tested for free at any time".



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