In memory of July 26, 1963 - MY CHILDHOOD CRY - RESCUE FOR LIFE

Dawn dawn, and only parted, was a sign that the 25 year old young Roma from Stara Topana should become and burn the fire in the small courtyard in front of the house, and the cauldron with the laundry should be put in to wash, wash them, then to put on the rope to dry.

The young Roma woman thought to herself: "Today, it will be as warm as yesterday, and it will dry quickly"

As soon as the water began to heat up, she began to sweep the small yard with the old broom, and in order not to raise itself up, she sprayed the earth with a tin bucket.

The fire beneath the cauldron with the laundry began and the water began to bubble. It was a sign that he had to take the old basin where the entire cauldron was laundered in the old basin.

She sat beside the trough and her hands began to rub the clothes with the soap that was between her palms. They rubbed harder with the desire to be white and washed as always, and when they were bedding them to radiate from whiteness and purity.

But suddenly in all her engagement and thinking about the whiteness of those clothes, she broke off and interrupted the child's weeping from the interior of the troubled little house.
She shivered, turned to the door, and said to herself, "Oh, baby, have you just found it crying right now? He certainly wants to get it hungry. Very early woke up. Five is the hour! "

He entered the room modestly arranged, with a mattress and a bedclothes, raised the small 1.5 year old child and took it in his arms. The child was still crying, it was obvious that he wanted milk!

He got out of the porch and sat in the yard near the trough, he approached him and began to breastfeed him! Apparently the child felt the smell of the mother's milk, and immediately the cry was replaced by silence and peaceful sucking from the mother's breast.

And so while the child calmly ate in his mother's arms, suddenly as a underground roar felt trembling on the soil itself.

The flickering and then the huge shaking turned into a chaotic uncontrollable catastrophe.

There were chaotic screams and a picture that was not forgotten. The waste houses of Stara Topaana were one by one lost from sight.
Nothing was better than the image of the young woman's house with the baby.
The picture was terrible. The walls from the interior of the small room, where the young child was sleeping 3 minutes ago, were on top of each other down on the improvised bed of mattress and tablecloth!
It was July 26, 1963, and the hour was 05:17.
My childhood cry was then crying for extended life!

So she wanted to be!



Who is Gani Rama, the Roma who was killed in the center of Pristina?

Last Saturday, Gani Rama of the Roma community, who lived for many years in Göttingen, Germany, was killed in the center of Pristina. He was brutally beaten by ethnic Albanian Nexhat Blakori, who is now chiefly suspected of being a victim of

The 45-year-old Gani Rama was found with severe injuries, without signs of life, the Bill Clinton underground passage in Kosovo's capital.

Ghani, otherwise during the 1999 conflict in Kosovo, fled to Germany under threats of being a fellow Serb.
There he met his current wife with whom she has five daughters.

After 11 years of residence in Germany was deported back to Kosovo. Dispute The Roma NGO from Kosovo, immediately after his deportation, faced a difficult life without his own existence, as well as threats to his life where he was beaten several times.
In addition to reported threats to the police, the authorities did not take anything to protect him.

He once again left for Germany in an attempt to stay but was immediately noticed for deportation but due to the severe disease - tuberculosis, for some time he was held for hospital treatment, and his wife and five daughters were deported back on April 12, 2011. Immediately after his treatment and he was returned to Kosovo.

They also continued their lives in difficult conditions.

And for the third time his wife and five daughters left for Germany, where they did not go back.
Gani's health was very salvo because he was left alone.
Since he was not able to work alone, he again went to Germany where he returned in April 2017,
Since then, he was left alone without his family living in Pristina until last Saturday when he was literally beaten with deaths after his life.
The motives for this murder for the police are unknown.


Over 70,000 Macedonian citizens have only two to three meals a week

According to the Food Bank - Macedonia, and the project "VSS Effect", supported by the European Union, illustrates the necessity of the law with the fact that over 70,000 Macedonian citizens have only 2 to 3 meals a week, and over 12 thousand tons of usable foods dumping at the landfill.

"The working group worked from the end of March 2019 until the end of July 2019, and the work was realized through ten working sessions, and we managed to somehow agree and compile the draft-legal solution for the current topic, excess food and placing it in favor of persons and families in social risk ie. to all those who will need food.

Nothing must be improvised and acted on how to remember, on the one hand to keep PR through human love, and on the other hand to endanger the lives of users who would not approve of food for their own sake " warns Hristov, a member of the organization that takes care of support and assistance to socially excluded and poor people.

Skopje marks 56 years since the disastrous earthquake on July 26, 1963

The 1963 Skopje earthquake  was a 6.1 moment magnitude earthquake which occurred in Skopje, SR Macedonia then part of the SFR Yugoslavia, on July 26, 1963, which killed over 1,070 people, injured between 3,000 and 4,000 and left more than 200,000 people homeless. About 80 percent of the city was destroyed.

The earthquake, which measured 6.1 on the moment magnitude scale (equivalent to 6.9 on the Richter scale), occurred on July 26, 1963, at 5:17 am local time) in Skopje.

The tremor lasted for 20 seconds and was felt mostly along the Vardar River Valley. There were also smaller aftershocks until 5:43.

Within days after the earthquake took place, 35 nations requested that the United Nations General Assembly place relief for Skopje on their list of agendas. Relief, in the form of money, medical, engineering and building teams and supplies was offered from 78 countries all over the world.


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