Covid-19 and 5G - a conspiracy theory that worries

5G theory is not the only conspiracy theory associated with the new coronavirus.

Some people have mistakenly linked the pandemic to the Bill Gates Foundation, while others have linked the virus to biological weapons created by China or the United States.


When time is of the essence, "people are motivated to find explanations that give them a sense of purpose, even if they are false." So, they are looking for models that do not exist.


"We need something under control," said Ani Sternisko, a researcher in social psychology at New York University. "Perhaps it is more comforting to have a comprehensive secret that dictates the severity of the virus than to acknowledge that the world and humanity are affected by it," she said.


On the other hand, if people believe that Covid-19 was created by the so-called Deep State or by telecommunications companies obsessed with profit, that's a problem for everyone.


The problem was sparked by a mistaken viral video on YouTube on March 12, 2020, posted by the anti-vaccination group Health Parents, in which a doctor on a disciplinary penalty named Thomas Cowan linked 5G networks to the virus, claiming that urban areas are most severely affected by Covid-19.


The video was deleted, but not before American singer Carrie Hilson shared it with 2.3 million followers.

There is no scientific basis for linking a 5G wireless network to a cowboy-19.

5G is the latest generation of wireless networks that is faster and more efficient than previous ones.


Like 3G or 4G and 5G, it is transmitted via radio waves, an undamaged part of the electromagnetic spectrum. 5G is simply confusing and that confusion creates uncertainty. And conspiracy theories come with uncertainty. If the relationship between 5G and coronavirus has no evidence, why do people still believe it?


Conspiracy theories appeal to people for a variety of reasons. Van Bavel believes that "people often want someone or a group to be blamed", while Merkel notes that when scared people are eager to explain, they are angry and look for a target for their anger.


There is also a social aspect to conspiracy theories. Sternisko notes that a sense of unity over a common cause can attract people into conspiracy movements.


The idea that you really know the truth also helps people feel "special and unique."


"People are also creating conspiracy theories for different purposes." Some people want attention. Others want to advance their political careers or influence public opinion. Many want to make a living by profiting from uncertainty.

"I think any group that has a reason to promote themselves will jump on this," said Merkel, who warned people to watch out for current pandemic profiteers.



Uranija Pirovska: "Roma convicts in prisons are discriminated against just like in the state system"


Uranija Pirovska, Executive Director of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in the Republic of Macedonia, can be said to be well informed about the situation in the Macedonian prisons as well as to shock the human rights of the convicts in those institutions.


As a general problem, Pirovska mentions the reduction of overcrowding in prisons, openness and free access to the facilities of penitentiaries.

As for corruption and bribery, the interlocutor himself says that he is well acquainted with the phenomenon, and according to the statements of the convicts themselves, bribery and corruption are present in these institutions, but none of them has filed such a report so far, but only from personal statements and experiences.


In that context, the convicts from the Roma community, who by the way are very often the target of discrimination and pressure from both the convicts themselves and the officials, were not changed.


Among other things, Pirovska notes: "Roma convicts in prisons are discriminated against in the same way as in the state system."

convicts must not be left on the margins of society. "Political will is needed to do more for this population," she said, adding that serious, timely and appropriate investigation of any indication of inhumane treatment, inhuman treatment and torture was needed;


According to the report, she said, overcrowding and recidivism are mostly due to the fact that convicts are neither able to work nor attend education. Pirovska clarifies that the accommodation of the prisoners is not taken into account, ie that accommodation is needed according to the criminal acts.


"Overcrowding could happen to us for the simple reason that we are still witnessing that courts rarely decide to apply alternative measures. We have been noticing that for the last eight years, "Pirovska said.

Hungary: In the Hungarian village of Pusta Hence, a deliberately excavated road leading to the Roma from that village

According to the statements of the member of the IRU from Hungary, Diana Goman, in the locality of Pusta Hence. a village in southwestern Hungary, which has just over 1,300 inhabitants, the village itself is inhabited by members of the Roma community.


There is a local road in the village that is used by the Roma themselves, but according to them, these days that road has been excavated and destroyed. According to them, this was done intentionally by the villagers, only with the desire to cut off the Roma community from the rest of the village.

Allegedly, due to the pandemic with COVID 19, they thus wanted to distance themselves from the Roma community, so as not to become infected.


On the other hand, this move, according to the Roma from this village, showed that in fact the Hungarians themselves want to cause ethnic tensions, and openly show that the Roma are not welcome in their environment.


How the municipal authorities will react to this incident is still unknown and whether anyone will be responsible for this act. The fact is that this local road is the only road that can be used by vehicles, including ambulances, which need unimpeded access to the site during this pandemic. At the same time, the entry of fire engines and others is prevented.




Serbia: Attack on Roma by Mladenovac

Nenad Pajic from Mladenovac says his family was exposed to insults and insults on a national basis on Tuesday (May 12th) by two boys unknown to them.


In fact, in the yard in front of their apartment building came two unknown boys, about thirty years old, who first attacked his neighbor.


- They stood in front of our building and started shouting "Gypsy Gypsies" and shouted abusive words. They started beating her dog, and when she asked them what was the reason for the attack, they replied to the old woman: "We, the gypsies, must exterminate you, you are a villain."

 At the time, Nenad asked the boys to stop such behavior, but they also reiterated that all Roma should be exterminated.

They also wanted to hit him.


But at that moment, my mother and sister prevented a major incident because Nenad was suffering from heart disease and had epilepsy, high blood pressure and brain cysts.

It could easily have happened if he had been accidentally stabbed to death.


"They were violent and cursing, and one note that because of us Roma and President Vucic, he was imprisoned for 7 years," said Nenad Pajic.

Then his mother Daniela secretly called the police, who arrived very quickly and the boys were arrested.



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