Confirmed: The Leviant movement discriminated against Roma in Serbia

The decision was announced on May 12, 2021, after the European Roma Rights Center (ERRC) filed a number of complaints where Roma and Roma were written off by Serbia through the local organization Vojvodina Roma Center (VRC) against the right-wing group.

ERRC President George Jovanovic, who is himself a Roma with Serbian citizenship, remarks:

"This decision shows that Roma can take positive steps to overcome hatred when they act together.

When we Roma use the power of the law as a tool, we can fight the injustice that we could not achieve by acting alone. In the coming period, you can expect more complaints from Roma who are tired of being the target of hatred and discrimination. "



The organizer of "Golden Wheel 2021" awarded the Plaque for special contribution to the director of the Film Fund of RS.Macedonia

As a gratitude for the special contribution in the realization of this year's 18th Golden Film Festival "Golden Wheel 2021" which took place at the beginning of this week, the director of the festival Zoran Dimov personally in the premises of the Film Fund of Macedonia awarded him the Plaque for special contribution in its realization by the director of the Fund Mr. Bojan Lazarevski.

Mr. Lazarevski expressed gratitude and stressed that in the future this institution will meet and assist in the implementation of activities related to Roma engagements in the field of film and film industry.

Czech Republic: Misinformation and fake news, Roma have free medicine and entry to the pools!

Roma do not have to pay for medicines, have free entrance to the pool, some want to limit the health care of the elderly, and the lymph node parasite appears in the curtains and respirators. Examples of some fake news that are currently spreading an avalanche on social networks. Zdenik Ryazav, director of the non-profit organization Romea, and Janusz Koniechni, an analyst at the Czech Pirate Party, accepted the invitation for discussion. Both have long dealt with the topic of misinformation and related fraud. "We can explain to people indefinitely to check the sources, but that is not enough. In some situations, we need to intervene. We can then face charges of censorship. But is it censorship or self-defense? ", Mentioned Zdenik Ryazav in the discussion.Pirates often react to misinformation, but they themselves have become a common target in recent months. According to Janusz Koniechni, this is probably related to the party's success in the election polls.

"I think that some measures can help reduce misinformation, for example, social networks can better cooperate with the police and the public prosecutor's office," said Janusz Koniechni.



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