Gender Discrimination: The new parliamentary composition with even fewer women than the previous one

Yesterday, the State Election Commission announced the official results of the tenth consecutive parliamentary elections in Macedonia. According to them, the coalition "We can" led by SDSM in the new parliament will have 46 MPs, the coalition led by VMRO-DPMNE 44, DUI 15, Alliance for Albanians and Alternative 12, Left two and DPA one.

The other nine parties and coalitions participating in the elections did not win a parliamentary seat. Of the candidates for MPs who entered the new parliament, 79 are male MPs and 41 are female MPs. If compared to the previous parliamentary composition in which there were 75 male and 45 female MPs, it will be seen that in this parliamentary composition men are more dominant.

Family fight of the late Nazif Mujic: Even the movie did not help us escape poverty!

As it is known, Nazif Mujic was known for his role in the film "Episode from the life of an iron collector" in 2013 as a naturalist and became known everywhere for that role and won the "Silver Bear" award at the Berlinale. It brought him fame and hope for a better life. But he died suddenly in 2018 at the age of 48.

Otherwise, that short fame did not bring him anything special from the financial aspect, where he was forced to sell the statuette to feed the family.

He left behind his wife Senada and four minor children. They live in the village of Lukavac in one of the poorest parts of Tuzla Canton. No electricity, no sanitation and no money.

Senada Arapovic says she does not want to live up to the old glory of her late husband but to inform the public of strong promises from the local government and cultural workers that nothing has been done.

She says that everyone lives in one room, without a bathroom, and they borrow electricity from a neighbor for whom they pay about 25 euros a month.

They feed on folk cuisine. Due to the corona, they are also limited in the work of collecting secondary raw materials.

"I am disappointed with the director Denis Tanovic and the crew. "He never asked me after the death of the sorghum," said Senada.

The fact is that the film may have had the best of intentions, but nothing has changed. Behind Nazif are four children - the oldest girl Shemsa, 13 years old, and the youngest Minela, one year and seven months old. Sandra is 11 years old and Dennis is 7 who will soon attend the first grade. Together with their mother Senada they are fighting for a basic existence



Ljatifa Shikovska, the first Roma woman member of the Macedonian Parliament.

Latifa Shikovska is from Suto Orizari, a graduate professor of physical culture, and director of the NGO "Umbrella". She was on the candidate list of SDSM and the coalition "We can" in EU 2 where the leader was Oliver Spasovski.

Before being part of the Executive Board of SDSM decades ago, Latifa was a well-known Roma activist who fought in every way for the realization of basic human rights and protection of children.

She often says: "I do not sit in the office, the office serves me only as a technical service where I prepare, otherwise in principle all these years I work in the field, because I think you see the real situation in the field in terms of the situation that concerns the Roma and based on their needs and problems we create projects ”.

She notes that one of the most pressing problems in the Roma community is the lack of personal documentation.

Now that she is expected to sit in parliament, her chance is to animate that problem and channel it through the legislature.

"It is really important for us, it is high time to find systemic solutions, those systemic solutions must be with concrete measures and activities, action plans, strategies, and special programs, first of all development, so that the Roma can find their own place in this society, because we also contribute to the prosperity and progress of our country, because I also participate through certain taxes to the state and I need to know where my money is spent. "Like every citizen in our country," said Shikovska.

The first Roma woman MP in the Macedonian Parliament is also guided by a well-known thought of Charles Bukowski who says: "You will save the world only if you help people one by one. "Everything else is romanticism and politics."

With guitar against repression

About two months ago, the Indian film Gypsy by director Raja Murugana was released, known for the large number of films, the most famous of which is the Joker. Although Roma organizations regularly criticize the art called Gypsy because of the offensive context of the sentence (as it recently was with the American psychological series Gypsy), Murgan remained deaf to that type of criticism or did not even touch it.

Despite the director's incorrect expression, his intention was, as others say, to show in a positive way the nomadic way of life that the Roma lived in the past. At the same time, through this way of life, the director criticizes the relevant social problem, such as violence between members of different countries, religions and castes.



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